How to make your dick bigger with pills?

According to research about penis enlargement, Dr. Tom Poitner, a urologist and surgeon, said that 43% of men aged 23 to 35 years old want to make their penis larger. 30% of men aged 36 to 43 years old want to increase the size of their penis, also. As men age, the desire to want to make their dick bigger changes, and it’s less about size and more about function at that point.

The good news is that there are many different ways to make your dick bigger. You can use tools, exercises, stretches, or surgery. But you can also make it bigger using pills and that’s what this article is about. Not all pills are created equal, and they’re not all effective, either. You need to understand how they work, under what circumstances they work best, and how best to use them. You also need to have really clear and realistic expectations about what penis enlargement pills can do for you. Learn about side effects and what happens when you stop taking them, also.

This article will help you understand the top penis enhancement pills that are on the market today. With this information, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which pill to invest in. If you’re feeling any doubt, you should set up an appointment with your family doctor or urologist to make sure you’re choosing the best option for you. Remember, there are so many ways to enhance and enlarge your penis. More than one way can be used.

How do pills work to increase the size of your penis?

# 1 – They increase blood flow to your penis

Most highly-rated penis enhancement pills work in the same ways. First, they address the issue of blood flow. High quality penis enhancement pills will improve the health of your circulatory system over time and make your cells and blood vessels healthier. Keep in mind how the body works. If you are building muscle anywhere, you need blood flow to go into that area and deliver the nutrients the cells in the muscles need to grow. It is the same way with penis growth. Pills that make your dick grow bigger work by improving the blood vessels in your penis and helping more blood to flow to that area. Over time, the muscles in tissues in your penis grow due to more nutrients flowing through the area. One of the highest-rated pills, Neosize XL, suggests that taking it will permanently increase the size of your penis because of this factor.

For some of the penis enhancement pills on the market, growth of the penis is actually more of a side effect of taking it, and not the primary claim. For example, one popular supplement for penis enhancement plays up the improved functioning of the penis, such as a longer, stronger erection as the primary benefit. This is where most of the clinical research is. What happens is that over time, as the ingredients build up in your system, you begin having firmer erections more frequently – which means more blood is flowing to your penis area all the time and delivering more nutrients, and creating more cells. That is what results in the growth, and this is how you make your dick bigger with pills.

So, even if an herbal supplement doesn’t directly state it will cause growth or doesn’t directly imply that’s why you should use it, consider the side effects of a significant amount of blood flow to your penis every day.

# 2 – They balance your hormones

Hormones play a huge part in your ability to get aroused and stay aroused. Most of the supplements on the market for penis enhancement have ingredients that are aphrodisiacs and work to enhance and support arousal in your mind and body. One ingredient to look for in a supplement to make your dick bigger is hydrophila extract. Hydrophila is a known aphrodisiac with many other helpful properties. It is also an antioxidant, which means it helps to remove damaging free radicals in your bloodstream and assists with cell repair and growth. Your body needs to be creating new cells all the time for your penis to grow larger.

Another ingredient in penis growth pills that helps with hormone balance is velvet bean extract. This is the number one ingredient in at least one of the most popular penis enlargement pills on the market. Velvet bean extract has a number of really important qualities for penis growth, but one of the most important is its ability to stimulate the production of testosterone. Velvet bean can be taken on its own – outside of a penis growth supplement – as an antidepressant, too. It stimulates the production of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that truly is known for making people happier. So an extra benefit of a penis enlargement supplement that has a lot of velvet bean extract in it is that you may end up happier with your body, changing your perspective about sex and the enjoyment of it. That’s an added bonus!

# 3 – They increase your stamina

Again, rarely will a penis enlargement pill ever claim to only increase the size of your penis. In fact, most do not directly say that. They talk about all of the other things the pills do that end up increasing the size of your penis over time. One of the common things that a penis enhancement pill can do is increase your stamina.

One herbal ingredient known to increase stamina and build muscle is red maca. You may be able to find this in a penis enlargement pill, or, you can take it on its own. Red maca works by enhancing the endocrine system, which is responsible for many hormones in your body. Red maca also protects and support the prostate.

Another herb in penis enlargement pills is Indian Ginseng, which is a stamina-enhancing supplement. Again, this is something you could take on your own, or find within a pill specifically for penis growth. Indian ginseng is known to increase energy, support longevity, and improve overall health. It’s also known for being an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Overall health is the goal, and Indian ginseng is one of the best herbal supplements to support it.

How will you know the pills are working to make your dick bigger?

Here’s a really important thing to keep in mind about penis enhancement drugs: they do not make the size of your natural penis bigger when it’s not erect. You notice the difference when your penis is erect only. That is why so much of the discussion around the benefits has to do with erection, stamina, strength, firmness, etc. These pills will not make your penis bigger all of the time. Instead, they improve the size and function of your erection. If you’re looking for something that makes your penis larger with or without erection, you will need to look at surgical options.

So, you will know the pills are working by measuring your erection before taking the pills and then measuring it after taking them for some time. Much of the research is suggesting at least 4 weeks but sometimes upwards of 6 and 8 weeks before noticing a major difference. The stronger the supplement, the more noticeable the increase in inches and girth of your penis.

Supplements can add as much as 4 inches to your fully erect penis. Neosize XL claims to add 3 to 4 inches, which VigRx and Male Extra claim between 2 and 3 inches in length. Remember, this is length of your erect penis, because these supplements increase stamina and blood flow.

Are penis enlargement pills natural?

Yes, most of them are natural. They are made up of a combination of herbs found in nature. You can even find penis growth pills in herbal supplement sections of health food stores or pharmacies. If embarrassment is a concern, most companies offer the ability to purchase their supplements online from the comfort of your own home. They may arrive in packaging that is concealed or private, too.

How to make your dick bigger with pills

If you’re sold on the idea of taking pills to make your dick bigger, here are some easy steps to follow to make sure you get the full benefit of the pills.

Step 1. Do your research

Don’t just go out and buy the first supplement you find. Instead, compare the value of the supplements. Cheap pills you can find in the grocery store probably won’t have the effect you’re looking for. The supplements in them may be artificial, counterfeit, or just not potent enough to make any difference. Your best bet is to do a couple hours worth of research online. You want to make sure you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients in them, too. Also pay attention to contraindications. Generally, men under the age of 18 should stay away from taking pills to increase the size of the penis. Women should not take these pills, at all. These pills are not designed for female bodies, and they are not tested on women. Taking them would be an unnecessary risk.

Be really careful about claims that seem too good to be true, because they probably are. Look for companies that post clinical studies. These are usually really easy to understand. They’ll tell you who took the supplement, how old they were, how long they used it, and what happened as a result.

Step 2. Take pills as directed

As with most natural supplements, taking more than directed will not increase or multiply your results. The body works in such a way that extra dosages will probably just be flushed out through your urine, and so you’ll actually just be wasting product if you do that. Or in the worst case scenario, you could make yourself very sick or create other problems that you’ll have to deal with due to overdose.

Take the pills as directed by the company that makes them. If you miss a dose, follow their recommendations for getting back on track. See a doctor to help you determine if you should continue taking the pills if they are not working the way you want, or, if you notice side effects early on that make your life more difficult. Many people are allergic to herbs, so pay attention to how you feel after taking the pills for a few days and stop if you have an allergic reaction that is severe or even mildly irritating.

Step 3. Drink lots of water and supplement with a healthy diet

These pills work by improving your overall health in some specific ways. However, it’s critical to drink lots of water while taking any supplement. You need to be fully hydrated for the supplements to absorb and for the nutrients to circulate through the body. Drinking more water also helps your blood flow overall, and may indirectly contribute to a larger penis when erect. Fiber found in fruits and vegetables is going to ensure that you’re not only absorbing the nutrients, but that any toxins that the pills are cleaning out of your body are flushed out. Fiber is a cleansing nutrient and you need it in order for antioxidant properties to work. So be sure to eat lots of fruits like apples, pears, bananas, and vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.


When thinking about ways to make your dick bigger, pills is a good option, but they’re not all equal. Generally, though, these pills work by increasing your overall health, and it’s a good thing. In fact, there’s no negative side effect of taking these pills even if you are not necessarily looking for a larger penis. These pills will naturally improve stamina, cause a firmer erection, and stabilize your hormones and emotions. All of this leads to a better, more improved sex life and happiness.