Top 7 Best Ultra Thin Condoms – Pros, Cons and Prices Reviews

When it comes to condoms, one of the most common complaints the users have is that they reduce the feeling of pleasure as well as the sensitivity while using them. Of course, these complaints come from men as well as from women.

So, if the issue that rises – no, not that one – is that of pleasure, sensitivity, mainly the general sensation caused by the condom that one feels, then you should consider using an ultra thin condom.

The land of these thin condoms comes packed with a lot of information, as well as a lot of things that will definitely help you with your search. Companies have already started to use different materials, not only latex – which will probably help your experience as you will have a wider variety of choices. Still, the heartwarming information is that, at this moment, condoms come with impressive thickness, down to 0.015 mm.

So, if you search for ways of improving pleasure, an ultra thin condom is the safe choice, because of various reasons. What’s left is finding out even more about this type of product and learning which one is the best thin condom of them all.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with a buying guide as well as with the reviews of seven best ultra thin condoms. So, stick with us, and let’s introduce you to the world of ultra thin, where pleasure is paramount.

The Difference between Ultra Thin and Regular Condoms

Well, the first answer is no – meaning that no, if they are ultra hin, that doesn’t mean there is an increased chance of them breaking. They are as safe as the regular condoms, so you shouldn’t cancel your pleasure increasing plans just because you think they are less safe.

Also, if you’re still not sure, remember that some of the ultra thin condoms, after undergoing the tests to determine quality and safety, have been given high ratings when it comes to strength and reliability.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way and decided that there is not much of a difference between ultra thin and regular condoms, just the one regarding pleasure, we can now move to the pros and cons of using a thin condom.

The Pros and Cons of Ultra Thin Condoms

As mentioned before, it is all about the pleasure. The main good thing in an ultra thin condom – besides the obvious thing in it – is the feeling of pleasure. Using one allows for more sensation to pass through the latex, for your pleasure as well as for your significant other’s.

Also, reviews left by men who have used regular condoms for a while say that, when using an ultra thin condom, they feel like they aren’t wearing a condom at all – which is definitely something you’d want to look into when having some private time with your lover.

When it comes to the cons, it gets down to personal preference. For example, some men would rather use regular condoms, instead of ultra thin, even if they provide an increased feeling of pleasure. Why? Well, because more pleasure means less playtime. Choosing a thin condom means that sometimes you will probably won’t last as long as when you are using a regular condom.

So, choosing an ultra thin condom is something that’s related to one’s personal preference. Well, not only one’s but to a couple’s personal preference.

With this being said, there’s nothing else for you to do – only the same old activity that will now get more pleasurable as you decide to get yourself one thin condom.

Now let’s move on to our top products, researched, reviewed and analyzed, so you’d get an idea on the best thin condoms that are out there – only for your pleasure and satisfaction.

Which Brands Are the Best?

Before starting our top of  thin condoms, we should take a moment to talk about the brands that are behind these products.

Of course, the first ones to pop in your mind are Trojan and Durex because they are the most popular brands and are known for having the safest condoms out there.

But, there’s also Lifestyles, Royal, Crown, ONE, Unique Pull – which is the thinnest condom in the world – and Sagami – with a 0.018 mm thick condom, ready to compete with the Unique Pull. Of course, there are even more brands, but these do their job the best and have the highest rating from the buyers as well.

So, if you want to rule out Trojan or Durex for any reason (maybe you look for something more sophisticated or thinner), you’ve come to the right place as we’ll begin showcasing seven of the best thin condoms.

Therefore, last for a bit longer; get informed on the efficiency, quality and price rapport and the pros and cons of each of the following thin condoms.

Top 7 Ultra Thin Condoms Reviewed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand or a condom you haven’t heard of so far – the following 7 products are well researched and reviewed. So, we have compiled this list, which will provide you with insights that may prove essential to the pleasure of your sex life.

Let’s just get into it – oh, puns!

1. Durex Condom Invisible Ultra Thin Natural Latex Condoms

Of course, it was bound that our first product comes from a popular brand – the question was if it would be Durex or Trojan. Well, the answer is obviously Durex.

Their Invisible Ultra Thin condoms are the most popular ones when it comes to thin condoms. They are the thinnest that are being made by Durex – only 45 microns which means 0.045 mm and are made out of natural rubber latex.

Of course, as with every condom on this list, this one is electronically tested for strength, flexibility, and reliability. But you probably already know you can rely on Durex.

Something that really kicks it up a notch is the special way Durex makes its condoms so that they don’t come with that specific odor you have probably encountered while used some other brands. Instead, they smell pleasant – and pleasant goes good with pleasure, so extra points for that.

Also, the Invisible Ultra Thin condom is 5% thinner than the Durex Extra Sensitive condom, so if you didn’t know about the Invisible or thought of sticking to the Extra Sensitive and if you look for thinner condoms, then this one is worth a try.

Naturally, when it comes to safety, the Invisible  thin condoms come with the old and trusty Durex quality.

Price-wise, these ultra thin condoms are on the affordable side and don’t require you spending a lot of money for your pleasure.

2. Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms

It was sure that our second best ultra thin condom would be one that’s made by Trojan. Just like Durex, they are not only popular but also well-known for the safety of the condoms they produce. Trojan and Durex, we think, are two of the condom brands that are known worldwide, for sure.

Naturally, the Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are also tested to ensure their quality, so there are no worries when it comes to that. Comfort and sensitivity are also checked off our list, because of the premium lubricant these Trojan condoms use.

In case you are still worried about the risk, worry no more – these condoms are made from premium quality latex, like many others, to greatly reduce any of the risks. Also, the Trojan Ultra Thin is much thinner than their standard condoms, so you do get the thickness you want in a condom.

Compared to Durex, the Trojan Ultra Thin condoms are cheaper but come with the same quality and the same odor-free feature.

3. Lifestyles SKYN Condoms

As we begin our talk about the Lifestyles SKYN condoms, the first thing to mention is that they change the game a bit. This means that, instead of latex, they use Polyisoprene as material. This material, in comparison with latex, provides a thin, softer, more natural feel.

So, the SKYN condoms already start up a bit higher because of their material. Let’s see how they fare with the other features that had to be taken into account. Also, they are 20% thinner than the regular SKYN condoms, thus giving the sensation of skin to skin contact and being better at transferring heat and providing much better sensation.

The material shouldn’t be a let-down just because it’s not latex. It’s as strong and as soft – if not even softer – than latex, and you won’t have any trouble in case you or your significant other is allergic to latex.

So, if you’re looking for an ultra thin condom, but one that’s not made out of latex, the Lifestyles SKYN condoms are your best choice.

Price-wise, they are a bit more expensive than the Trojan condoms, but still on the affordable side.

4. Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms

Stepping back into the picture is a condom made by Durex. They’ve also thought of manufacturing a condom with something else than latex, thinking at their customers that face latex allergies.

So, the Avanti Bare Real Feel was born. Like the SKYN condoms, they are also made out of Polyisoprene for a more natural feeling and increased pleasure. These condoms come with the same pleasant scent of the Invisible Ultra Thin condoms. Adding this to the fact that they are not made out of latex, you can say goodbye to that latex odor that fills your bedroom every time you want some private time with your significant other.

Compared with the other brands and types of condoms reviewed so far, the Avanti Bare Real Feel are a little bit more expensive, getting close to crossing the affordable side. Still, when it comes to being safe and ultra thin, they do their job just fine.

5. LifeStyles ULTRA SENSITIVE Condoms

Lifestyles is coming back with an Ultra-Sensitive type of condoms. Labeled as “almost like wearing nothing at all”, they are made out of premium quality latex with low scent, are specially lubricated and are – of course – ultra thin.

As always, safety is assured as this brand of condoms is quite popular and people do put their trust in their condoms.

One big pro of the LifeStyles Ultra-Sensitive condoms is that they are cheaper than the Durex and Trojan ones, as well as than the Lifestyles SKYN ones.

6. Kimono “Micro-thin” Premium Lubricated Ultra Thin Latex Condoms

These condoms from Kimono are labeled as “micro-thin” as they come with  0.049 mm thickness – which is a good amount of thickness, as the feeling of pleasure will increase, compared to standard, regular condoms.

They are very thin, so you basically get to feel what’s really going on while using them and this is something good. Something bad, but not important, so don’t worry, is the fact that they don’t come that lubricated as you’d expect them to, therefore some lubricant would be a nice thing to have after getting your hands on one of these.

Safety-wise, they are tested and verified the same way brands like Trojan and Durex are, so no worries.

Price-wise, they are a bit expensive, almost $1.50 per condom, compared to the $0.20 and $0.50 range of the previous brands of condoms.

7. Trojan Supra Bare Skin Condoms

The Trojan Supra Bare Skin condoms are a little bit thinner than the Trojan Ultra Thin condoms – hence their name. Also, they are not made out of latex, but Polyurethane, so they are perfect in case you or your partner have latex allergies.

Also, since they are not made out of latex, there is no odor. The polyurethane is strong, clear and medically safe – so no worries for you.

When it comes to pricing, they are a bit expensive, but probably because they use polyurethane as material – so if you don’t like latex or you’re allergic to it, it’s worth it.

There’s not much to say since it is Trojan we’re talking about. Their condoms are safe and good, and the Supra Bare Skin ones are ultra thin as well.

The Bottom Line

Ultra-thin, ultra-sensitive, and bare-skin are three of the features that all of the above condoms have to offer. So, in the end, the choice is all yours.

But if pleasure is what you seek, I hope our guide has helped you reach a conclusion and make a decision on which thin condoms you should buy.

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