How to Delay Ejaculation? 6 Ways You Can Choose!

Many men, at some point in life, ask questions about how to delay ejaculation. No one wants to feel out of control or to have an orgasm before it’s time. Research shows that this situation is very common. According to the National Institute of Health, between 4% and 39% of men have climaxed too early at some point in their lives. The simplest explanation of early ejaculation is when it occurs before a man wants it to happen, or happens when he felt he had no control over it.

Even if this specific case isn’t an issue, being able to delay it can lead to a better sex life. Getting rid of anxiety, stress, guilt, and other common issues can help. So can improving your sexual health over all. This article will also cover 6 common ways to actively delay a climax. Practice controlling orgasms regularly in order to gain more control over time.

Normally, the ability to control or delay climax comes with age and physical maturity. Clearly, however, there are exceptions to that rule. This article will cover how to delay ejaculation. But first, let’s talk about things that could be getting in the way or could cause an early climax. Laying out the root causes of the early ejaculation helps highlight the ways men can better control it.

Frequently asked questions about how to delay ejaculation

What causes early ejaculation? What are the symptoms? Can a man control it? Below are common questions about this topic along with common myths on how to delay ejaculation.

Question: Is it really possible to delay climax?

Answer: Yes, it is definitely possible to hold off on ejaculating in most cases. This article talks about some of the ways you can wait longer before a climax. Please keep in mind that prolonging ejaculation is a natural, expected part of sex for me. However, lots of things cause early orgasms. Sometimes the issues are in the head and sometimes the issues are in the body. If you can figure out what’s keeping you from controlling your climax, you can decide the best course of action.

Question: Can you climax too soon when masturbating, too?

Answer: Yes. Early climax can happen during sex with someone else and with masturbation. The same goes for just wanting to delay it for awhile. Some men climax too soon while masturbating, and the things you can do to delay climax can apply to masturbation.

Question: What causes premature ejaculation?

Answer: Premature ejaculation is caused by a number of things, many of which are psychological. These causes include but are not limited to the excitement of being with a new partner, anxiety, stress, and depression.

According to the MayoClinic, while the exact cause of early climax isn’t known, mind or body issues could be causing it. Among the physical factors are hormone levels that are not balanced and an abnormal amount of neurotransmitters. Also, sickness/disease including inflammation or infection around the prostate can lead to early climax. Genetic diseases/biological issues could also be factors.

Question: Is ejaculation controllable?

Answer: Yes. Ejaculation is controllable, though some believe that it is not. Sometimes there are issues that need to be treated or resolved first, but it is controllable.

Question: Is premature ejaculation a dysfunction?

Answer: Yes and no. Premature ejaculation is the most common form of sexual dysfunction, true. But it doesn’t have to be a source of distress if it’s treated.

Question: Is early ejaculation always related to anxiety, stress, depression, or guilt?

Answer: No, premature ejaculation is not entirely mental.

According to Boston Medical Group, some myths about premature ejaculation are that ejaculation is purely physical. That is not true. Stress and anxiety can lead to it. Another myth is that it can be controlled with alcohol, supplements(e.g. VigRX Plus,Semenax,Extenze),drugs, sprays, or creams. Finally, another myth is that it is harmless and will not contribute to sexual dysfunction later. The research shows that those beliefs are untrue and science proves otherwise.

Question: Will premature ejaculation lead to erectile dysfunction?

Answer: It could. If left to continue with no diagnosis or treatment – psychological or medical – it may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Question: How come ejaculation can sometimes be delayed, and other times it can’t?

Answer: According to an article in Psychology Today, men who suffer from premature ejaculation may not necessarily have widespread anxiety issues so much as “sex-specific stress.” This indicates that the stress or anxiety that is causing them to be unable to delay ejaculation could be directly related to the act of having sex. It could also be related to sex with a specific person. The inability to delay ejaculation might only happen with one partner or specific partners, and not all.

Question: What is premature ejaculation?

Answer: Ejaculation is considered premature if it occurs very soon after sex (or masturbation) has begun. This could be anywhere from 30 seconds after the start of the penetration or masturbation to 4 minutes after it’s begun. Men may respond differently on an emotional level due to personal or individual differences.

Question: Who suffers from premature ejaculation?

Answer: This issue affects men of all ages. It’s commonly linked to younger men. However, older men experience premature ejaculation, too. As many as thirty percent of men may experience early ejaculation. According in article in Medical News Today, many men self-diagnose their own issue with ejaculation. Doctors diagnose it a much lower percentage of the time, but that number is unknown.

It makes sense that more men think they have premature ejaculate than doctors actually diagnose. Some men stress over it while other men don’t. The ones that do stress over may not know how to delay ejaculation, which creates insecurity. Additionally, men of all ages can ejaculate prematurely. It can and does affect many men.

Benefits of delaying ejaculation

Delaying ejaculation – as opposed to delayed ejaculation which is a different form of sexual issue – can lead to a better sex life. There are several reasons for that.

First, prolonging your climax so that a partner can have a longer sexual experience will probably make them happy. A study showed that 40% of women felt distressed over a partner’s premature ejaculation. The women believed that the partner wasn’t considering their needs when climaxing early. Controlling the climax will help.

Second, you’ll probably be happier, too. That much is obvious. Controlling your own orgasms or climax will improve your self-confidence. Finally, there is some research to support the idea that taking more time during sex can lead to a better orgasm.

How to delay ejaculation

What can delay ejaculation? Below is an overview of several tips on how to delay ejaculation. Some of these ways are mental and have to do with thoughts, feelings, and desires. The others are physical ways to delay climax. The best options to try are going to depend on the reasons for wanting or needing to delay it.


Try masturbating in order to prolong or delay your orgasm. This works for two reasons. The first reason is that by masturbating, men can practice prolonging or delaying climax privately and as frequently as necessary. If the reasons for premature or early climax are due to lack of experience or being too sensitive, this is a good way to become less sensitive. The second reason is that masturbating and ejaculating before sex with a partner may prolong your orgasm later in the same day/night.


According to many articles, anxiety, stress, and guilt contribute to an early climax. Meditation is one of the many ways people reduce stress and anxiety every day. Exercise and yoga can help, too. Clearly the idea is not to meditate while having sex! The idea is that meditation as a daily ritual can lead to a life of less stress and anxiety. Use guided meditation’s useful techniques to overcome stressful situations when they come up.


When you breathe deeply during sex, you can control orgasms and climaxes. When reaching a climax and just before climaxing, take several very deep, very rhythmic breaths in and out. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Continue this until you are no longer at the point of climax. What’s good about this technique is that it can actually create a stronger orgasm when you are ready for it. The important thing is to breathe very deeply and to control the breath. When you control the breath, you will control the climax.

Change Positions

If quick or early ejaculation happens often with a certain position, change the position to something else for a period of time. The new and different position will likely feel different and create sensations that are unfamiliar. As long as these sensations are not even more stimulating than your usual position, this may help delay or prolong the climax.

Wear a condom

Many men don’t prefer condoms during sex. Still, to delay climaxing, wear a condom even for a short period of time. The reason this works is simple: the extra layer of protection from the condom reduces sensitivity, to some degree. It may not be by much, but it could be enough to control orgasm and make sex last longer. If you want to, wear the condom for a period of time at the beginning of sex. Then remove it later, when you are ready to climax.

Start and Stop

This is an often talked about method for how to delay ejaculation. It is very simple to do. It involves stopping sex (or masturbation) just before ejaculating, for about a minute. Then, start again. Continue this rhythm for as long as desired. The start and stop method helps the body develop self-control and because of this, it can lead to a more satisfying sex life.

There is another way to think about to the start and stop method. As discussed on one article about prolonged ejaculation, this method may lead to better sex for partners, too. “The method not only prolongs your sexual pleasure but the whole process of withdrawing and penetrating again will make your partner long for more and she is likely to reach an orgasm that she has never ever experienced before.” (Source)

Tips for improving sexual health

In addition to controlling the climax, here are some ways to have a better sex life by improving sexual health.

Eat better

A healthy diet is a key factor in just about anything we do, including sex. Healthy food improves our energy levels. Drinking water helps us maintain our bodily functions. Not to mention, a healthy diet will be so important if inflammation or infection is causing early ejaculation.

Exercise often

Regular exercise leads to a better body, more strength, improved self-esteem and confidence, and makes us happier. Exercise lessens stress levels and improve sleep. Finally, along with better food, exercise plays a role in increased energy. All of those things will contribute to a more satisfying sex life.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Sexual health is such an important part of life. Many men self-diagnose premature ejaculation. However, this could be a problem if there are some real medical issues (such as an infection) in the body. Get regular check-ups at a doctor’s office. Talk to a doctor about sexual health openly. Make sure that any medical issues you have are taken care of promptly. Keep in mind that long term, untreated premature ejaculation can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction.


For the most part, anyone can improve their sex life and delay ejaculation as desired. It is not always necessary to take vitamins or drugs. Most of the time, simple exercises or changes to sex or masturbation can improve things. Don’t stress out about early or premature ejaculation. That will only create more problems. Instead, focus on the whole experience for you and for your partner. Try some of the tips laid out above. If you still have questions about how to delay ejaculation, you can try natural male enhancement pills or seek out the advice of a doctor.