Which Is the Best Long Lasting Condoms? Climax Control Condoms Reviews

Are there men that don’t want to keep on going and going when having sex, much to the chagrin of their spouses? If there are, you can be convinced that they’re frauds.

Obviously, a vast array of factors can contribute to sex coming to a halt in the most unpleasant of moments, but none even holds a candle to premature ejaculation. The good news is that some condoms – yes, the products that men hate with a passion – have been “engineered” in order to provide a longer process of love-making.

These are known as “climax control” or “desensitizing” condoms. In the following, we’ll introduce you to what might potentially be your best bet if you’re dissatisfied with your current sexual prowess and longevity.

Why Climax Control Condoms is Long Lasting Condoms?

Desensitizing condoms are treated with benzocaine, which is basically an anesthetic that’s used in a variety of pharmaceutical products. When in a condom, benzocaine numbs the penis, allowing the one who wears it to go to town longer than he would with a common, run-of-the-mill condom.

There’s a Catch-22 that you should be familiar with, though: benzocaine condoms do indeed prolong the sexual act, but if stimulation is interrupted, one’s erection will die off. That means that the more you have sex, the longer you’ll last. It’s a give and take type situation.

The Good And The Bad

Naturally, every single thing on this planet has both pros and cons, even water. We’ve already tackled the pro: your ejaculation can be delayed with as much as 15-20 minutes, but it varies from person to person.

As for the less pleasant side of things, benzocaine long lasting condoms can be uncomfortable for both the man and the woman. First of all, if your penis is numb, you won’t be experiencing a euphoric ejaculation, as you would with a condom that hasn’t been designed to ensure the delay you’re seeking.

Simply put, there are chances that you won’t be feeling too many things when ejaculating. What’s more, you won’t be feeling the usual sensations that a vagina would normally make you feel. That’s some food for thought right there.

Second of all, the benzocaine in the condoms might numb the women’s vaginas a bit. This decreases their satisfaction, obviously (especially if oral sex is involved).

Even if the benzocaine is on the inside of the condom, there are plenty of ways in which it can end up in places where it shouldn’t be. If you’re sticking your fingers in the condom to roll it and then you do pleasurable things to your woman with them, her vagina can get numb.

The same thing can happen if she gives you oral after you’ve finished and you’ve already removed the condom. Keep that condom on unless you want her to speak to you through sign-language for a while.

In terms of side effects, benzocaine condoms are pretty innocuous. The most recurrent side effect reported by users is the classic allergy to latex and in extremely rare cases, an allergy to benzocaine (which is nothing serious, calm down).

The Elephant In The Room

Benzocaine long lasting condoms offer a real help for a rather serious problem, no one can say that it doesn’t. This help, though, might come with strings attached. One of the most serious issues these climax controls condoms pose is that they can diminish your self-confidence in sexual matters at a new low.

The thing is, you can start to believe that you can’t perform sexually without one of them on, and that’s ludicrous. Premature ejaculation is, on some level, a confidence issue as much as it is a physical one.

It pertains to the rhythm of the sex, the positions you’re trying out and your overall sexual compatibility with your partner. A benzocaine condom is a short-term solution for a long-term problem.

It doesn’t cure your premature ejaculation. It just masks it in the same way that painkillers don’t kill the pain, but merely conceal it from the parts of your brain that make it overt in the first place.

So, should you use benzocaine condoms or should you not? The answer is yes. You can use them for as long as you want. You just have to know that they don’t solve your problem and that you shouldn’t transfer your sexual confidence into them.

Which Brands Are The Best Long Lasting Condoms?

This is a virtually unanswerable question for a variety of reasons: 1) they’re fashioned in the exact same way, 2) they are formulated with different dosages of benzocaine and finally, 3) they might or might not make a difference anyway.

Trojan and Durex are some of the best and highest-rated brands of benzocaine long lasting condoms at the moment, which makes sense considering that they hold the monopoly on condom production.

Unidus and KamaSutra also manufacture benzocaine condoms and have gotten some really good reviews from users throughout the years. We know that merely stating the names of the brands doesn’t quite do anything for you, but don’t start rolling your eyes yet.

Since we’ve finished (no pun intended) this run of offering some common knowledge on benzocaine condoms, it’s time to go to our next section, which is fundamentally a Top 7 best climax control long lasting condoms you can get your hands on nowadays.

We’ll take a look at them and break them down in terms of efficiency, the rapport between price and quality and whether or not they would be a good idea for you.

Top 7 Climax Control Condoms Reviewed

As mentioned previously, you’ve got many choices when it comes to brands of benzocaine long lasting condoms. Some are already famous – I mean, who hasn’t heard of Durex at least once in their lives? – and some other ones are a bit on the obscure side.

We’ve got products from both categories.

1. Durex Condom Performax Intense Natural Latex Condoms

Durex, as a brand, seriously needs no introduction. The company manufactures some of the most trustworthy condoms in the industry. The Performax Intense is their most-known benzocaine long lasting condoms.

It has no less than 5% benzocaine, which is pretty much the highest concentration of this anesthetic that you can find in condoms. More than 5% benzocaine would make your penis feel like you feel when you’re high on weed.

The Performax Intense are not only lubricated with benzocaine, but they’re also ribbed and dotted – “For her pleasure!” One of the biggest problems pertaining to condoms, climax control or otherwise, is that they smell like a dumpster fire.

These ones don’t. Even though Durex doesn’t clearly specify how exactly they’re making pleasantly-scented condoms, we’re glad that they exist. Another awesome pro of these condoms is that they don’t irritate the skin.

This will come in handy for those who have a wildly sensitive skin. All things considered, the Durex Performax Intense could become your go-to benzocaine condoms. Keep in mind that they can easily kill your erection due to the insane amount of benzocaine in them.


  • On the affordable side
  • Dotted, ribbed and lubricated
  • Don’t smell badly
  • Extra thin


  • They can make it difficult to keep an erection, because the benzocaine deadens the penis

2. Trojan Extended Climax Control Lubricated Condoms

Trojan, alongside Durex, are the giants of the condoms industry and it should be no surprise that Trojan, too, started to manufacture benzocaine long lasting condoms. Just like the Durex ones, these are electronically tested and retested in order to ensure a top-notch quality control.

These have a 4% benzocaine, so a little less than the Performax, which is essentially a good thing, because your penis won’t become too numb, ruining your stimulation in the process.

The Extended Climax Control don’t smell, either. Some customers felt like these were a bit too powerful, since their erections died off mid-sex. They knew what they were getting into, though.

It is crucial that you don’t interrupt the sex too many times when you wear a benzocaine condom. Price-wise, Trojan’s condoms are a bit cheaper than the Durex ones. This, however, doesn’t compromise the quality.


  • A little bit less benzocaine than the Durex
  • Odorless
  • Quite thin
  • Affordable


  • Same as with any other benzocaine condom

3. Long Love Climax Control Condoms

Long Love’s condoms have a 3.5% benzocaine, which means that they work really well for those who have a mild form of premature ejaculation. Sure, the brand isn’t as famous as Durex and Trojan, but this isn’t of too much import, given that it is quite high-rated.

The Long Love Climax Control Condoms are a bit more expensive than the others we’ve already look at, but they still remain on the affordable side. Again, the opinions are divided: some say that these numb the penis to such an extent that maintaining an erection is virtually impossible and some other ones say they’re great.

You be the judge!


  • Pack of 12 electronically-tested condoms
  • Odorless
  • A perfect amount of benzocaine


  • Pricier than many other brands

4. KamaSutra Longlast

Dotted and lubricated, the Longlast condoms are sure to help you step up your bedroom games. They work well and all that jazz, but they’re so cheap ($1.75) that men immediately start to picture themselves with babies.

We’re not sure what exactly warrants this price. What’s clear is that they have no novel features (condoms aren’t technological wonders, come on), so they don’t bring anything new to the table. Why would they be any more expensive?

One thing customers were displeased with was their privacy: the condoms come with an invoice that specifies what’s in the package. Don’t be surprised if the mailman smiles at you.


  • Dotted
  • Pack of 20
  • They do their job


  • Extremely cheap (some take this as a disadvantage)
  • Thicker than the average condoms

5. Skore Notout Climax Delay Condoms

The Skore condoms don’t have anything special – they’re benzocaine long lasting condoms and that’s it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t specify how much benzocaine went in these.

Some say that their penises were numbed within seconds of putting them on. This means that these have at least a 3.5% concentration of benzocaine. Some people are taken aback by their price (approximately $3.5), but there are no quality issues reported.


  • Almost for free
  • They do what they’re supposed to do
  • Regular size

6. Durex Condom Prolong

These are the first condoms in our guide that have a heat-triggered climax control lubricant. The main reason why we’ve decided to discuss about them at such a late stage is that they seem to have a tad too much benzocaine.

Either one of two things can happen: you go flaccid within minutes or you can keep going for hours on end. But then again, this can be said about any other given benzocaine condom.

If you’re looking for some cost-effective climax control condoms, look no further.


  • The Durex quality
  • Affordable
  • No odor


  • Some say that they go flaccid almost instantaneously

7. LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms

Non-latex, thin, climax control lubricated condoms – that’s what LifeStyles brings to the table. These are actually amazing because on one hand, they’re extremely thin and on the other hand, they delay the ejaculation and make sex longer.

Quite paradoxical, but that’s the truth and amazingly enough, they are no more expensive than the commonest condoms you can find. The “Elite” in their name is there for a reason.


  • Even though they’re thin, they don’t hasten the climax
  • Affordable
  • No odor

The Bottom Line

Benzocaine long lasting condoms or climax control condoms, whichever name you like best, are of true help. Again, we would like to conclude our guide by saying that you should not use them so much that they become a symbol of your self-confidence.

Using them once in a while is not the end of the world, just know that premature ejaculation can be solved or at least alleviated with a few psychological tricks and lifestyle changes.

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