Durex Condom Size Chart

If there is only one condom brand that you have ever heard of, then this is probably Durex, one of the largest condom brand on the market. They have become a trustworthy brand over the years with the reliability and durability their products offered. If you are looking for an effective condom that won’t break easily, then you should definitely try out Durex’s condoms.

They offer several product lines that suits everyone’s needs, the Performax Intense is the line of condom that helps the man to delay their climax and prolong their excitement. The Invisible and Extra Sensitive are both made by the thinnest materials and offer extra sensitive. If you need to add a bit more excitement to your sex life, then the Intense Sensation with dots and studs might serve your purpose. Want a condom for oral sex? Then you have to try the Tropical,  the condom with Strawberry, Orange, Banana and Apple flavors.

In terms of Durex condom sizes, most of their condoms are standard sizes which are designed to fit most people out there. But this doesn’t mean that they didn’t cater those who has smaller or larger penis. For example, they have the Durex Kingtex, which is the small condom for the Asian market. And then there are Durex Comfort XL or Durex XXL (both are same size just re-branded the name for different markets) which provide extra room and greater comfort for larger than average size people.

Below is a summary table on Durex condoms by size (from small to large).

Trojan Naturalamb
Material: Natural Membrane
Lubrication: Water Based
Shape: No Reservoir tip
Width: 2.7" / 68 mm
Length: 7.9" / 200 mm
The Naturalamb condom is suitable for monogamous couples who don’t need protection against STIs with the best feeling you can get which is close to wearing nothing.