Best male enhancement pills – Top 5 review

Whether you have erection problems or just want to improve your performance in bed, you will reach for the best male enhancement pills. Do you want to surprise a new partner by showing endurance and power? Male enhancement pills is probably a useful addition to your sex life. Also, male enhancement pills can save relationships in crisis. It is well known that the sex life can become monotonous or completely disappear. If the partners don’t have something to spice up their sex life, they might suffer psychologically and mentally. So, male enhancement pills are the most common choice for couples who want to keep their sex lives at a high level.

Top male enhancement pills are based on 100% natural ingredients extracted from herbs. They are derived exclusively from herbs with special features and different from pills for PDE5 inhibitor such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc.  It’s important to mention that these herbs boost the overall health of the male reproductive system. Because they are time-tested, these ingredients will not let you down—even if you are facing problems with premature ejaculation. Of course, we must not forget improved and enhanced orgasms! Some of the best male enhancement pills can also reduce recovery time after intercourse. This makes the sexual experience totally different and vastly improved.

What natural male enhancement pills can and cannot do:

These specific male enhancement pills improve male sexual health and increase erection hardness. These herbs are mixed together in a very powerful and effective combination. However, the results may vary in different people.

Make sure to understand that these sex pills will NOT give you:

• A permanent penis enlargement
• Affect your penis size when it is not in erection
• Fix psychologically-caused impotence or dysfunction
• Affect your daily routine

The best male enlargement pills WILL provide you the following:

• A stronger erection
• Longer endurance
• Stronger stamina
• Better libido
• Enhanced orgasms
• Bigger ejaculation

There are many different natural male enhancement products, which increase male libido with different compositions and methods of manufacturing. But what you should be looking for is a high-quality sex pill with time-tested ingredients. These supplements must create permanent positive effects on the male reproductive system. This will give you long-lasting and satisfying results. At the same time, your overall health and vitality will be boosted.

Criteria for choosing the best Male enhancement pills:

— Safe and natural

You have to keep in mind that each of male enhancement pills on the market is aimed at different problems or dysfunctions. Most of them promise a stronger erection and better endurance during intercourse. You will have to decide for yourself, but always keep in mind that there are top-quality supplements which are safe and natural. They are recommended by doctors all around the United States. Also, when a product comes from 100% natural ingredients and it has been clinically tested, you will be on the safe side.

— Side effects

Most of all, the best male enhancement pills work without side effects. The sex pills for men that we are going to review here are all-natural and don’t require a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, you should always opt for such supplements! According to the FDA, dangerous side effects that may occur from different products are nausea, headaches, dizziness, and stomach pain.

— Quality control

Careless manufacturing processes are one of the most common reasons for low-quality supplements. Poor quality control means dangerous levels of bacteria and other hazardous substances in the product. Furthermore, be sure to apply a strict control on the supplement manufacturing process before deciding. Inform yourself and ask questions. The male enhancement pills manufacturer has to offer answers to all your questions.

Top 5 male enhancement pills

For these reasons, it’s recommended to choose only the top male enhancement pills as supported by clinical studies. Also, be sure that the producer provides a money-back guarantee. In order to help you make a decision, here is the list of top 5 male enhancement pills. They are all natural products, scientifically and clinically tested, with great reviews and testimonials for slightly differently indications.

#1 VigRX Plus

This natural male enhancement pill is our first choice primarily because of the clinical studies and great results that have been recorded. They are really more than impressive. Furthermore, VigRX Plus is recommended by many physicians. Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D., claims that this supplement addresses the actual cause of the problem. You will be sure to get a 100% safe product. The natural ingredients are one of the main keys to success. After taking these natural sex pills, men got bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting erections. The results of scientific studies show some very interesting facts: intercourse satisfaction increased for 71% of users. At the same time, there was a 47% increase in overall sex drive. These are just some of the impressive results which you can check on the VigRX Plus website.

Let’s see what makes VigRX Plus the best male enhancement pill on the market:

First advantage
Its scientifically engineered formulation is a guarantee of a natural male enhancement process. The sex pills have been produced with the latest technology and with a strictly-controlled scientific approach.

Second advantage
VigRX Plus offers an optimized dose of active ingredients. This supplement is giving you the right dosage of each of the beneficial components each time you take it. Furthermore, the natural pills do not include any cheap sawdust fillers. The active ingredients are 100% natural, which ensures top results with no risk.

Third advantage
Using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients is what makes any supplement really work. This is the case with VigRX Plus. The manufacturer cares about building a loyal and long-lasting relationship with consumers. Therefore, it uses only the highest-quality ingredients—without affecting the final cost of the product.

VigRX Plus is expected to show boosting results in the period of 30 to 60 days. After you feel all the beneficial results of this supplement, you will have to continue taking it in order to keep the performance and power that you gained. A one-month supply costs $76.99. However, the company offers some great deals and discounts on purchases of multiple packages. Recommended dosage is two pills per day. Make sure that you follow the instructions.

Another great thing about VigRX Plus male enhancement pill is that the manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee! Keeping in mind that these sex pills might start working much sooner than that, there is a little chance that you will want to return them. There is a much greater probability that you will order more of this powerful and reliable supplement. Your partner’s smile after the “hot game” will be the best proof of that.

To summarize the benefits and reasons to opt for this quality supplement, here is a quick overview of what you will get with VigRX Plus:

1 Superior, scientifically-conducted formulation.
2 A product that is backed by clinical studies and multiple scientific types of research.
3 Only the top-quality and freshest herbal ingredients.
4 There are no side-effects (100% natural supplement).
5 A money-back guarantee (you will not get such an offer from any prescription drug manufacturer).

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#2 Volume Pills

These male enhancement pills act like a powerful supplement. They have been formulated with a special blend of natural herbal ingredients. These ingredients boost the overall health of the male reproductive system and organs. The blend has been scientifically tested and approved by doctors. The main aim of this product is the volume of semen, but also groundbreaking orgasms! Now this is something that every man wants. It also enables harder, bigger, and better erections and sexual power. The manufacturer offers various scientifically-supported studies about the physical effect to the male orgasm after taking these natural sex pills.

Volume Pills can quickly be described as a male enhancement pill that combines millennia-old knowledge and modern science. These pills bring the benefits of the ancient oriental healing traditions together with the latest scientific methods and approaches. The users report great results after taking Volume Pills for 60 days. Some of the most interesting and promising results that users reported are as following:

1. Significant enlargement of ejaculation volume.
2. Harder, bigger, and stronger erections.
3. Increased levels of testosterone.
4. Better flow of the blood in the penile body.
5. More control over erection.
6. Much healthier libido.
7. Frequent sexual imagination and action.

Let’s remember that expensive prescription potency pills and natural supplements such as Volume Pills don’t offer the same safety. Another important fact is that you will get long-lasting performance. In order to make you 100% satisfied, the producers offer a 67-day money-back guarantee. They are sure that you will love the product and embrace the great powers it will give you. This kind of guarantee is quite rare in the world of male enhancement supplements. That’s how strongly the manufacturer believes that Volume Pills will work for you. Their motto is to take all the responsibility so that you feel safe and relaxed while trying the product.

A cherry on top is the fact that this male enhancement pill is extremely affordable! When you remember the incomparable quality and results that this product is offering, the price compared to other supplements is quite a deal. Let’s not forget to mention the safety standards of production. Being one of very few doctor-recommended natural male enhancement pills, this product offers the best ratio of value and quality in one box. You can purchase a monthly supply for a price of $65, but keep in mind that there are significant discounts and special offers if you decide to purchase more supplies. The best value is offered for a yearly supply.

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#3 Prosolution Pills

If you want to supercharge your sex drive, achieve unbelievable stamina, and experience multiple orgasms, then Prosolution Pills are your choice. This clinically-tested and approved natural male enhancement pill incorporates only the best natural herbal ingredients formulated to make you a true sexual superhero. This male enhancement pill has been around for more than 10 years and the feedback from loyal users is more than positive. Tens of thousands of men have testified that their sex drive, endurance, libido, stamina and potential has multiplied after using Prosolution Pills. This daily supplement is approved by doctors and recommended for men who are struggling with sexual problems. It’s also a great choice for those who just want to achieve better results in bed.

Here are some of the results reported by long-term users of Prosolution Pills:

1. Long-lasting erections that are bigger and stronger.
2. Thicker and fuller erections.
3. Controlled and increased stamina.
4. Dramatic increases in sex drive.
5. Achieving multiple orgasms per session.

This supplement acts in a way to prepare you both physically and mentally for superior and advanced sexual ability. This is a unique feature among male enhancement pills. Most other products promise only physical achievements, but we have to remember that everything starts in our mind. Therefore, you can expect to have the results with the feeling of total rebirth. The ingredients of Prosolution Pills have been subject to many university studies and clinical trials. All have proven that this all-natural sex pill produces great results and has no risk. There are no recorded side effects and the supplement is widely recommended by doctors.

The new and improved Prosolution Pills formula includes the following:

1. Korean Ginseng, which dramatically increases erection.
2. Butea Superba, which boosts the male libido.
3. Solidilin, which increases sex drive and feelings of pleasure.
4. Drilizen, which helps to boost testosterone levels and nitric oxide levels.
5. Cordyceps, which boosts the male sexual appetite.
6. Curculigo, which has been used as an aphrodisiac in Asia for ages.

Meanwhile, all these powerful and amazing features can be purchased for the unbelievably affordable price of $59.95—which is a current discount. Usually, a monthly supply costs $69.95. However, if you decide to purchase a supply for multiple months, the price will get even better. You will get the best value when opting for a 12-month supply. The Prosolution Pills manufacturer is offering for customers to try the product for 60 days, and if for any reason they are not 100% satisfied they can return the empty package for a full refund. The refund will not include the shipping fee though. This is some serious confidence that you’ll love their male enhancement pill.

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#4 ExtenZe

This supplement is aimed at the hardness and size of erection. And the results can be experienced from a single dose of ExtenZe! This is a powerful formulation which will find its fans among people who want fast and reliable results. Men who want to impress their partners every time will opt for this natural male enhancement pill. The carefully-selected herbal ingredients work to increase bloodflow to the penis and make your erections unbelievably bigger. Because your erection will be stronger than usual, you will get a bigger and firmer penis. This will improve your performance and endurance as well.

You will no longer need a prescription, because only one gelcap of this natural sex supplement will give you a rock solid erection. ExtenZe has been scientifically composed and strictly tested in order to produce top performance and maximum results. Some of its natural ingredients are folate, zinc, ginger root, astragalus root, licorice extract, horny goat weed, damiana leaf, black pepper, piper longum, ho shou wu extract, L-arginine hydrochloride, and stinging nettle root.

Now, you’re probably wondering about the secret of these herbs and ingredients? It’s the ancient knowledge and modern technology that work together in unison inside this male enhancement pill. All these ingredients have been used as aphrodisiacs for millennia. Various tests have proven that these natural herbs are totally safe and have almost no side effects. So far, ExtenZe does not have reports of any side effects from users.

Here are some of the most important pros that will help you to decide to try ExtenZe:

1. It has been clinically tested and recommended by doctors.
2. The pill formula is safe and has no side effects.
3. It works from a single use.
4. Herbal ingredients are 100% natural and safe.
5. The manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction and a 60-day money-back policy.
6. There are special offers and gifts if you opt to buy three-month supply or more.

The recommended dosage is a single pill per day. A monthly ExtenZe package is offered for a price of $59.95. When you keep in mind that this powerful male enhancement pill will really bring your sexual potential to its maximum, this price is quite affordable. In addition to the discount on multiple packages, a great gift from the ExtenZe manufacturer is included. If you decide to purchase more than one package, you will get one of the best lubricants available on the market—which carries the same name. ExtenZe lubricants come in a water or silicon base and have some adventurous features to be used with your new and unbelievable erection.

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#5 Semenax

This product promises to take your orgasms to unbelievable levels. Not only will you experience increased orgasms, you will also be able to totally control them! This male enhancement pill is a great choice for men who want to boost their potency and fertility. It has been clinically tested and proved that Semenax increases the ejaculate volume. At the same time, it provides much more pleasure to the man. On the other hand, men who took a placebo did not notice any difference in orgasm quality (or the volume of ejaculation). Because Semenax enables you to have much better control over your orgasms, you will be able to fully satisfy your partner. This sex pill is ideal for men who want to boost their semen volume and density.

Let’s talk about an important aspect of humanity: Reproduction. Today, we face many factors which decrease male potential and fertility. This is an ideal supplement which can be taken without prescription by men who want to boost their fertility and sexual health. Semenax promises the first results within seven days of daily usage. This is really promising! A noticeable increase in the size of your load and the intensity of your orgasms are just some of the things you can expect. Loyal users of Semenax reported bigger loads and stronger orgasms within only two or three days. With this natural pill formula, anybody who wants a reputation of a super stallion will be more than happy. If for any reason you don’t like the supplement, the Semenax manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. They will refund the cost of the product, excluding the shipping and handling fee.

Let’s see what makes Semenax so confident about its product:

1. The seminal plasma that holds the semen is reportedly increased.
2. The seminal fluids are increased by up to 70%.
3. The prostate gland fluid is increased.
4. The semen production is increased regardless of age.
5. Overall health of male reproductive organs is achieved.
6. Works as a great self-esteem booster.

A monthly supply of Semenax is offered for $59.95, but if you decide to purchase multiple supplies, you will get significant discounts. For example, a Diamond 1-year supply will cost you $399.95—thus saving you $325.

To summarize, Semenax male enhancement pill is ideal for men who want to increase their semen load, boost their fertility, and improve their overall sexual health. Just like all other sex pills we reviewed here, it’s a 100% natural herbal supplement with no side effects and with doctors’ recommendation.

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In the end, whatever supplement you decide to try will be a great choice. They could easily all be the champion of this list. The important thing is to choose the right product for your specific need. Here is a quick overview in the form of a table, which can help you to decide which of these male enhancement pills is the winner for you. You will notice that all the supplements have received a fiver-star review. This means that they could all be the best choice in their specific aim and primary indication.