How to make your dick bigger without pills?

Naturally, many men look for ways to grow their package. If that’s you, know that it’s not uncommon. There are penis enlargement pills that you can buy, but there are also methods for how to make your dick bigger without pills that you can try.

These methods range from exercises that you can do every day to strengthen the muscles in your penis to pumps you can buy and penis enlargement surgery. There are also foods you can eat that are known to naturally increase the size of a man’s penis. And finally, there are some books and videos out there that you can get which will provide a deeper level of detail on how to make your penis larger without pills.

Tips like the ones listed below will work regardless of the size your penis is right now. They will also work regardless of how much sex you are having or plan to have.

What’s a normal or average penis size?

It’ll be difficult for you to find any real, scientific data on average penis size. Though, one article suggests that the average – with 55% of men in this area – is about 6 inches. So if your penis is around that size, you’re actually far closer to the average length than you probably thought. Anything larger than that would be considered bigger than normal, and anything less than that would be considered smaller than average.

Four tips on how to make your dick bigger without pills

So, how can you make your dick bigger without pills? Let’s explore four of the most common ways to do this. Everyone will respond differently to these, of course, so your specific results will vary. Remember to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise even when using these tips, because a strong, healthy body with a lot of energy is going to lead to stronger and better erections anyway.

Tip #1: Exercise and stretch to make your dick bigger

The muscles in your penis need exercise as much as any other muscle in your body. Generally, if you are having a lot of sex, it’s likely that your penis muscles are getting exercise due to your erections. But if you’re not having that much sex – several times a week – there are some exercises that you can do to strengthen the muscles of your penis. As the muscles grow, your penis is going to naturally get bigger over time.

  1. Lifts (with or without weights)

Use your penis to lift up and down, several times. Some suggest using something really lightweight, like a hand towel draped over the tip of your dick. Lift up the towel or other light object five times, and then take a 30 to 60 second break. Continue again for at least three sets of five of these. You can make these more advanced, as you build muscle, by tying a small weight to a string or cord, and then using your dick to lift it. That’s the end goal. In the beginning, just practice lifting up and down without any weight at all.

Exercising your dick in this way naturally works out the muscles in your penis. Again, larger penis muscles leads to a larger penis, in general. This exercise also helps you develop a lot of control in this area of your body, and you’ll develop the muscles around your penis, too.

  1. Stretches

You can lengthen and strengthen the size of your penis naturally using a variety of stretching techniques. Here are some of the most effective stretches.

  • Basic Lengthening Stretch: Standing up straight, hold your penis in one hand. First, pull your penis straight out and hold that stretch for a few seconds. Then, stretch your penis to one side. Hold that stretch for a few more seconds. Switch to the other side and continue to hold your penis for a few seconds. Also pull up on your penis, stretching upward, and then pull down. Only stretch to the point of discomfort. Do not yank or stretch too far, because this should be an easy, comfortable stretch. The more you do this stretch, the easier it will become and you will be able to stretch your penis further over time.
  • Side-to-side Stretch: This is another common stretch. Holding your dick firmly, stretch down and then to one side, toward your inner thigh. Hold that stretch for five to ten seconds. Take a quick break in a resting position. Then, repeat the same stretch, but to the other side. Again, hold this stretch for five to ten seconds, and then take a break. As with the basic lengthening stretch, you shouldn’t feel any pain, though there may be some resistance. Strength only as far as you can with no pain or discomfort. Once or if you begin to feel any pain at all, stop.
  • A Stretch: In this stretch, you hold your penis firmly with one hand and pull straight out. Place your other hand in a fist underneath your outstretched penis. Then, pull your penis straight down over the wrist of your other hand. Hold this stretch for twenty seconds. This stretch, like the others, is designed to lengthen – and ultimately grow – the overall size of your penis without pills.

Tip # 2: Use products and tools to enlarge your penis

Another tip for how to make your dick bigger without pills is to invest in some products that are designed to lengthen or strengthen your dick naturally. Some of the more common ones are listed here.

  1. Use a penis enlargement pump

There are several penis enlargement pumps on the market, ranging from just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The pumps work by increasing blood flow to your penis, and of course the effect is totally temporary. However, they do work well. The pump creates pressure that cause blow to flow rapidly to your penis and increase its size for sometimes several hours. Most likely, you would use a pump just before sex, or possibly a photo shoot. There are dangers with using a pump excessively though. You can severely damage the blood vessels around the head of the penis if you rely on a pump too often or use it too aggressively. You can develop blood clots, also. Generally, this isn’t a highly recommended way of making your dick bigger but it will definitely work. Just be cautious of how often you use a pump like this and be realistic when using it.

  1. Use a penile extender

Unlike a penis enlargement pump, which is designed to increase the size of your dick by a lot but only for a little while, a stretcher or extenders is a longer term investment. Extenders are there to help you stretch your penis out without doing it by hand, and over time, your penis grows in length. Clearly, you will want to be careful with one of these, and only use it if you really know what you are doing. Otherwise, you could cause yourself a lot of pain. Regardless of the risks with misuse, they’re proven to work. Some men have reported as much as an inch of growth after just six months.

How do they work? All extenders are going to be a little bit different. But essentially, you strap your penis carefully into the extender and then gradually increase the tension/stretch. Your penis will be stretched, but the muscles will also be strengthened at the same time as they are going to resist the stretch a little bit. Just like with any other stretch, you want to go slowly and never force it. You should not feel any pain. Some sites suggest that adding heat with a warm towel will help not only make yourself comfortable during the stretch, but will add blood flow. The benefit of a penile extender over doing stretches manually with your hands is that you can do other things while using the extender.

You can buy a penile extender online. Prices range from around $20 to over $100. Be sure to read the reviews from other people before buying (but always take reviews with a grain of salt). Misuse is common.

Tip # 3: Get penis enlargement surgery

A third tip for how to make your dick bigger without pills is to get surgery. You can have your penis surgically enlarged for a permanent solution if you want. This type of surgery is called phalloplasty. There are pros and cons of penis enlargement surgery that you should consider before making a final decision.

Phalloplasty can make your penis longer, wider, or both, depending on the type of procedure. One of the most obvious pros of having surgery is that it is permanent. Another pro to choosing surgery over some of the other options for making your dick bigger is that is it quick. Stretching and exercises take time, but penis enlargement surgery only requires the time it takes to heal. Average recovery time for penis enlargement surgery is said to be only two to four days.

Penis enlargement surgery usually doesn’t involve adding anything foreign to your penis to make it longer. Instead, surgeons do a procedure that involves releasing more of the penis which is actually inside of your body outward. This causes the external penis to lengthen. Typically, the additional length is no more than an inch. To increase the width of your penis, surgeons can use liposuction to move fat from other areas of your body to your penis.

The downsides of surgery are that it’s irreversible and there may be side effects that are not easily managed. One such side effect is that your erection may not be as hard after surgery as it was before. Another side effect is that your penis may point downward instead of upward once erect. That is a small side effect, however, and doesn’t impact the function at all.

Tip # 4: Lose weight

The fourth and final tip for how to make your dick bigger without pills is to lose weight. Losing weight, especially in the groin area, will allow more of your penis to extend outside the body. Remember, a third of your penis is technically inside of your body. The more weight you have around your penis, the less likely the full length of it is actually showing.

Losing weight isn’t easy or simple, though. Here are some tips to help you lose weight in your midsection, which will lengthen your penis in the long run.

  • Eat healthy portions of fruits and vegetables. For weight loss, take your plate and divide it into thirds. Only one third of the plate should consist of proteins. The other two thirds of your plate should consist of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Eat grains and sugar in moderation, or not at all. Eat multiple small portions of complete meals throughout the day. This will naturally increase your metabolism as well as control your blood sugar levels. You will also have more energy for exercise when you eat frequently.
  • Exercise heavily several times a week. Lift very heavy weights and spend a lot of time doing cardiovascular exercises. Many people do one or the other, but not both. In order to lose a significant amount of weight, you need to spend time building muscle and burning fat. This, combined with a better diet, will help you lose weight faster than just dieting alone.

Making your dick appear bigger, or actually making it bigger, can be easily done. You don’t need fancy tricks or pills. The only thing you need to consider is whether you want to do it completely naturally, as with stretching and exercising, permanently, as with surgery, or temporarily with pumps. Once you have made your decision, you just need to make it happen. The choice is yours, and the good news is that it can be done quickly and effectively.