Black Ant Pills Reviews: Evaluation,Benefits,Results and Side Effect

Black Ant Pills Reviews
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical Studies
  • Doctor Recommendations
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  • Risk of Side Effects


This is a major case of “use at your own risk.” There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that Black Ant Pills work and have worked for many years. At the same time, much evidence suggests that the pills could be dangerous to your health and could contain ingredients that aren’t safe unless prescribed by a doctor. The pills are so cheap right now that it could imply the end of the road for Black Ant Pills. At the same time, there are a lot of varieties, and they’re all still being sold. As long as they’re still sold, the reviews will be relevant. While we do not recommend Black Ant Pills and strongly suggest that you use them at your own risk, but they could definitely work for you.

What is Black Ant Pills?

Black Ant Pills are somewhat unique on the market. They’re male enhancement pills – intended to give a serious boost to your sex drive, strengthen and firm up your erection, and lead to an overall much better sexual performance and experience than without them.


These are fast-acting, very powerful pills, yet they are low cost. Whenever you see that combination, you should be on high alert for potential issues. To be sure, Black Ant Pills are not without their huge benefits but potentially serious problems.


In 2016, the Black Ant Pills manufacturer, R. Thomas Marketing LLC, voluntarily recalled all of its Black Ant Pill products. They are still sold online, but it’s important to know what you are getting into. The reason for the recall is not entirely known, though it is probably linked to something that happened five years prior to that. In 2011, the FDA issued a public notification that Black Ant contained “sildenafil” (the active ingredient in Viagra) and that it is not an all-natural sexual enhancer and that it does/may have side effects.


What’s interesting to note about the FDA’s warnings is that the warnings are really about the fact that sildenafil is a hidden ingredient. It’s synthetic, not natural, and comes with its own series of pros and cons. That said, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact, it’s likely the sildenafil in it that makes it work as intended. That’s good for Black Ants Pills users, but bad for the natural community. The reason natural supplements are popular is because they don’t rely on chemicals or synthetic ingredients.


We won’t go as far as saying Black Ant Pills are natural, especially if they continue to contain hidden ingredients. Hiding ingredients is a dangerous practice, even when it works, because people who may have a known issue with that ingredient could take it, and the results could be detrimental or even fatal.


Black Ant Pills Benefits and Claims


Black Ant Pills are different in a few other ways, too. First, they are sold in boxes containing packets of pills. The boxes usually contain 20 packets (80 pills). That’s a ton of pills. Years ago, the pills were expensive, but today, they are really cheap. You can get 80 pills for around $32.00. A dose is one pill. So, for the average man who is having sex a few times per week, a single box could last you a really long time.


There are many claims made by the manufacturers of Black Ant Pills. Check out this list:


  • “Significantly Increase Sex Drive”
  • “Promote Greater Sexual Arousal”
  • “Intensify Pleasure During Sex”
  • “Promote Harder Erections and Longer Lasting Sex”
  • “Prevent Premature Ejaculation”
  • “Produce Longer and Stronger Orgasms”
  • “Boost Sexual Stamina”


Without all of the marketing speak, the benefits boil down to these: increased libido, heightened sensitivity, harder and longer erection, more stamina, and intensified orgasms. That’s a tall order for a single pill! According to the makers of Black Ant Pills, it’s possible to get all of these benefits due to the magic and mystery around the black mountain ant. Among a number of uses, including treating arthritis and muscle pain, the black mountain ant has been used to treat impotency and increase energy.


Unfortunately, due to the recall and the FDA warning, it’s really hard to say if all of these things are due to the black mountain ant and all of the other ingredients, or if the reason the pill works so well is because of the hidden ingredients. No one wants a cheap version of Viagra, though, if the results are the same, some may be willing to go there.


Complete Evaluation and Review of Black Ant Pills


This is a complete review of Black Ant Pills that is intended to help you make a better decision about buying it. Truthfully, there is less and less information available about Black Ant Pills, so reviews like these are relied on to help learn more about the product before you buy it. We looked at a large number of different factors to come up with our recommendation, including price, availability, variety, clinical studies, doctor recommendations, and risk of side effects.


What we looked at:


  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical studies
  • Doctor recommendations
  • User reviews
  • Risks of side effects


Our results:


We’ve rated Black Ant based on the above criteria, from 0 (Very Poor) to 5 (Excellent).


Ratings for Black Ant Pills
2 (Lacking) – It’s difficult to buy Black Ant Pills unless you know exactly where to go. You used to be able to buy them more easily before the recall and before the FDA warning. We give Black Ant Pills a Lacking rating for availability.
5 (Excellent) – The upside of the post-recall world of Black Ant Pills is that they are really cheap now. There’s always the risk of buying counterfeit product, especially after a recall. Still, 80 pills for $32.00 is a great price and we can’t lose sight of that. If you’re a gambler and want to take the risk of using them, you can’t get any sort of fast-acting pill for cheaper than that. So we give Black Ant Pills an Excellent rating for price.
4 (Good) – The variety of different types of pills is really good and what we like to see. These pills come in multiple varieties, including Black Ant Strong, Black Ant King, and StreeOverlord Strong. Black Ant Pills also come in multiple sizes/amounts for varied pricing. We give them a Good rating for variety.
Clinical Studies
2 (Lacking) – Unfortunately, there aren’t any clinical studies done on Black Ant Pills – though they have clearly been researched by the FDA. So clinical studies are none, and we do know that these pills may even be dangerous. Any time you have hidden ingredients, you have a risk. We give Black Ant Pills a Lacking rating for clinical studies.
Doctor Recommendations
2 (Lacking) – Like almost all fast-acting products – but especially those with FDA warnings – Black Ant Pills have no doctor recommendations. It would be very surprising if they did. A lot of the hype and power in the product may have been due to the ingredient that is also in Viagra, so it would be unlikely that a doctor would recommend something that is essentially a copy of a very expensive, powerful pharmaceutical.
User Reviews
2 (Lacking) – The reviews for Black Ant Pills are mixed, but mostly negative. Recent reviews are almost non-existent. A lot of the reason is due to the FDA warning and the recall. Years ago, Black Ant Pills was a very popular product with strong reviews. The reviews are less common now, but that doesn’t mean the product doesn’t work. We give them a Lacking rating for user reviews.
Risk of Side Effects
1 (Poor) – Because of the hidden ingredient in Black Ant Pills, we have to give them a Poor rating for the risk of side effects. There are definitely potential side effects with sildenafil, but there are also potential side effects with the other ingredients, too.
Overall Rating
2 (Lacking) – Overall, it’d be irresponsible to recommend Black Ant Pills due to its risks. That said, if you are the type of man who is okay with some risk of side effect or potential harm, then you can get Black Ant Pills at a fraction of the price of other, similar pills. We give Black Ant Pills an overall rating of Lacking/Not Recommended.


Pros and Cons of Black Ant Pills


Here are our Black Ant pros and cons, based on user reviews and manufacturer’s description of the product.




  • Very cheap
  • Wide variety of strengths and options


Cons/Potential Issues


  • FDA warning against hidden ingredient
  • Mixed reviews that are primarily negative
  • Potentially dangerous
  • Hard to find and buy

Does Black Ant Pills work?Results and effects


The reality of Black Ant Pills is that there are a number of huge red flags. The most recent reviews on sites like Rakuten were in 2013 – four years ago now. Most likely, the formula is completely different than it was back then, especially since the recall was in 2016. But what’s more frightening is the possibility that the formula is actually the same, carrying with it the same “hidden” ingredients and their risks.


Because a slew of ingredients in the product is so proprietary, they are not even listed, we don’t know what’s in it. Because we don’t know what’s in it, we can’t say with authority that there’s a low risk of side effect or that the product works. Instead, what we can say is that there is a HIGH risk of side effects, because it’s so unknown.


From what we can tell, Black Ant Pills work really well and are potent. You should experience a rock hard erection and a strong sex drive just after taking the pills, and the effect should last for several hours afterward.


Just because they aren’t as popular anymore as they used to be, that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. We know that sildenafil is incredibly effective – it’s the active ingredient in Viagra. If Black Ant Pills that are sold today still contain it, they would be just as effective. The problem is that because the product isn’t regulated, it could be cut with other synthetic ingredients that are harmful or toxic.



What makes Black Ant work?


It’s difficult to say exactly how Black Ant Pills work because some of the ingredients are hidden behind the “proprietary” claim. We also know that at one point in time and possibly still now, the product contains sildenafil along with it’s other ingredients (or perhaps instead of the other ingredients). We do know and can explain how fast-acting male enhancement supplements *should* work.


Sildenafil works by increasing blood flow to the penis and corpus cavernosum. This is no different than other natural supplements that do the same thing without a synthetic chemical. However, there’s always the very real possibility that sildenafil does it better or more powerfully. That is why there are so many risks associated with it, and men who have medical conditions are advised to discuss it with their doctors first.


Assuming Black Ant Pills don’t contain sildenafil anymore, here are the ingredients and how they work.


Black Ant Pills Ingredients:


  • Polyrhachis Vicina Roger (Black Ant) – A Chinese remedy usually turned into a tonic that has been used for years as a sexual performance enhancer. It’s not as common in male enhancement pills as other ingredients. Black Ants contain many nutrients that are associated with vitality and health.
  • Formica Sanguinea– Formica Sanguinea is actually another form of ant – the blood red ant. This is also not found in other male enhancement pills. Little is known about exactly how Formica Sanguinea works to help with erectile issues, aside from improving blood flow and overall health.
  • Ginseng (Root) – There are actually multiple types of ginseng. If the ginseng in Black Ant Pills is Korean Red Ginseng, it works by fighting the effects of impotence and increasing libido.
  • Hippocampi – This is a rare ingredient in male enhancement pills. According to Consumer Health Digest, hippocampi works by targeting “the male sex organs and the prostate, keeping the consumer aroused and sexually potent.”
  • Medlar – Known for improving circulation and general health, including sexual health.
  • Proprietary Blend – Black Ant Pills contains a “proprietary blend” of additional ingredients that the manufacturers do not specify.



Is Black Ant safe to use?


Our best assumption here is no. We can’t say Black Ant Pills are safe to use because we don’t know everything that’s in them. Even companies that produce products with a “proprietary blend” of ingredients usually tell you what the ingredients are, even though the amounts of them are secret. Having an entire group of secret ingredients is dangerous.


Black Ant pills Side effects and contraindications


Side effects of Black Ant Pills, based on the known ingredients, could include trouble sleeping (side effect of korean red ginseng), headache, upset stomach, and nausea. If the pill contains sildenafil, the side effects could be much worse. And of course, there’s no way to describe the side effects of the “proprietary blend” of ingredients since we don’t know what they are.


Contraindications for Black Ant and other male enhancement pills are women, males under the age of 18, and any male with a serious medical condition, especially a heart, blood, or kidney related issue.


Where to Buy Black Ant


Currently, you can only buy Black Ant Pills on, and they are currently sold out, and