What Are the Best Studded Condoms? Our 7 Picks and Reviews

Studded condoms are very similar to the ribbed ones. But, instead of having ribs that pop out on the condom, the studded ones have dots on them – which is why they are also called dotted condoms.

Same as with ribbed condoms, the studded condoms – and their bumps – are here to increase the stimulation and pleasure during intercourse. With this type of condoms, you have to be careful, especially if one of you is really sensitive or having broken skin as they may cause a rash upon being used.

They are usually a bit more expensive than the regular condoms because they come with extra or a different type of lubricant. This is because they can accidentally fall off if they are not lubricated well enough – a problem that can be easily solved by making sure to have a lubricant close while enjoying the private time with your significant other.

Some people prefer ribbed, some people prefer studded and some of them claim these types of condoms are no different than the regular ones. But we think they do make the difference – it matters if they are ribbed or studded.

With the help of the following paragraphs, we hope you’ll reach the same conclusion and maybe even decide to try a studded condom.

The Pros and the Cons

Now, having a certain grasp on what a studded condom is, let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages of using such a condom, and to what it does better than the regular condoms.

The dots on the studded condoms are placed in such a way that they increase stimulation and pleasure. They are able to reach places and areas that a normal condom couldn’t reach; therefore, they greatly increase pleasure – because we know how sensitive her private parts can be.

Not only that these dots put pressure on certain parts of the vaginal wall, but they also put some of that pressure on the penis – so you mustn’t think that men are left out of this entire “increase pleasure” scheme. When deciding to use a studded condom, both of the partners win, in some way or another.

One important disadvantage, on the other hand, is that people, especially females, with very sensitive skin or other conditions will have a hard time feeling pleasure if you decide to use one of these condoms. It is better to consult your partner before trying one of these, as rashes or irritations may occur – and that’s not something we want happening after having sex.

Don’t forget about lubricants! Same as with ribbed condoms, lubricants make the condom work a lot smoother. They also prevent it from falling off – so be sure to have one by your side during sex and use it the first time when you feel like it, after which you just can go on and on. It’s not that interesting to stop midway to put some lube, so try to get it on as early as possible.


Here is a kind reminder of the things you have to take into account when using a studded condom.

So, once more, lube up as this makes it way harder for the condom to fall off and also greatly reduces the risk of breaking. Then, make sure it doesn’t hurt, not you nor your partner while using a studded condom. If it hurts, it may be a sign you have to go back to regular condoms for a while or find a solution – which might turn out to be lube!

Which Brands Are the Best?

When it comes to studded condoms, Trojan and Durex are not quite present. Other brands, such as LifeStyles, Okamoto and ONE are much more popular than the old fellows.

Maybe they’re the best when making regular condoms, who knows. But we think we are about to find out, because they have managed to get on our guide, which will showcase seven of the best studded condoms, so be sure to stick around and see how they fare.

Safety-wise, all of the brands mentioned before, as well as those that will be included in the guide, test their condoms accordingly and are approved by the specific organizations. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a brand and what might happen to a condom made by it if you don’t know its name.

Which one is the best is also determined by what makes a studded condom studded – the dots. One brand cannot just place the dots in random places or designs and expect them to work as intended. Most of the studded condoms have special designs, to increase the level of stimulation and, of course, to be the best at giving you pleasure.

So, without any further ado, we will begin our guide and take a look at 7 of the best studded condoms you can find, their pros and cons (if they have both), how efficient they are, how pleasurable, and how they stand in a price – quality rapport. Let’s jump in.

Top 7 Studded Condoms Reviewed

When looking at studded condoms and deciding which ones are the best, we check out their thickness, the amount of lubricant they come with and the dot pattern – if there’s the case of a special condom that will make you and her feel special.

Also, the material is important as well – even if most of them are made out of latex, there are a few exceptions that help those with certain latex-related issues.

Let’s just dive in and discover 7 of the best studded condoms you have to try.

1. LifeStyles SKYN Extra Studded Condoms

The first on our list are the LifeStyles SKYN extra studded condoms. Made out of strong, premium latex, they come with a unique wave texture where the dots are placed.

But it’s not just that. The dots rise in intensity, especially on the most sensitive areas, therefore maximizing stimulation and pleasure.

Of course, there’s the advantage of the SKYNFEEL material they use for their condoms, which ensures a natural fit and feel. So, they are thinner than most studded and ribbed condoms, but not as thin as an ultra-thin condom, so don’t expect too much.

Price-wise, they are a little above average priced condoms, but given the fact that they are studded, and in a wavy pattern with strategically placed dots that rise the highest in the most sensitive areas, they are worth the money. Like a condom ad would say, pleasure guaranteed.

2. Rough Rider Studded Condoms

The Rough Rider Studded condoms are some of the best-rated condoms out there. They are made out of naturally-colored latex and come with a pretty powerful and long-lasting lubricant. You’d have no worry in using this condom for as long as you like, but you should still be cautious and have lubricant prepared – just in case.

These condoms have a straight shape and come with no extra head room. The studs, or the dots, begin from right under the head of the condom and end halfway. They are not seriously pointed out dots, but more like gentle elevations on the latex. This means that the female partner will feel less texture, but both of you will feel a thinner condom than the usual studded condoms.

The worst part of the Rough Rider Studded Condoms is the smell. According to quite some reviews, the smell hits you as soon as you open the packaging, and it is not pleasant at all.

Price-wise, it’s a cheap studded condom, standing at $0.31 a piece – which is quite good; in some cases, it’s cheaper than a regular condom.

3. Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

If you want to go for a studded condom, but you’re looking for something that’s quite thin as well, then the Okamoto Beyond Seven studded condom is the perfect choice for you.

It is a thin condom, some would say even super-thin because it is only gently studded and doesn’t go to an extreme with the height of the dots. Being gently studded is a good thing if, as we said, you want a thin condom as well.

However, being gently lubricated is not a good thing – and that’s something the Okamoto Beyond Seven is. Therefore, you should prepare yourself a lubricant before you start using this condom, to avoid any sort of problems.

Even though they are gentle, the studs have reportedly felt quite great, so you don’t have to worry about her pleasure.

The material it is made out of, Sheerlon latex, is very see-through and it adds to the thinness of this condom. It’s so thin that its sensitivity can be compared with that of regular of ever thin condoms.

The only downside is that they come in a relatively small size, 199.89mm x 101.6mm, so you’ll have to be a fit to its circumference because the Sheerlon latex isn’t very stretchy.

4. LifeStyles Ultra Studded Condoms

The Ultra Studded condoms from LifeStyles come, as always, in their strong, premium latex. They have a straight shape with studs that rise intensely in the locations of her most sensitive areas.

Because of this type of studs, new levels of stimulation will be reached, as well as much more pleasure than when using regular condoms and some types of studded condoms.

They also come with an Ultra Glide lubricant, which is very smooth and adds one more thing to your bedroom – a hint of mint flavor.

I know what you’re thinking. Mint? There? I don’t think so. Well, you should consider our opinion. First of all, because this mint is stronger than the latex odor, so you won’t have a scent problem. Also, it gives no cooling or heating effects and it is considered very pleasant.

So don’t worry about the mint, it won’t give you any problems.

5. Trojan Studded Bare Skin Condoms

According to this brand, the Trojan Studded Bare Skin condoms are their thinnest textured condoms. Same as with the Okamoto, if you want to have studs but don’t want to give up on the thinness of a regular or ultra-thin condom, you can safely choose the Trojan Studded Bare Skin condoms. It’s a compromise, but it works for both of you, so why not do it.

They have a comfortable shape that provides extra space, which means increased comfort for both of you.

When it comes to lubricant, they use a silky smooth Premium Lubricant – you already know that we’re going to advise you to have extra lubricant on you; it’s important, just believe us.

The downside is that they are reportedly a bit tight – for some users – so if you are larger than the average, you should consider another type of condoms.

6. ONE – 576 Sensations Studded Condoms

Ok, so this is more of a special entry on our list – and you will soon see why. It’s not because they’re breaking the rules or something like that, it’s because of… well, of the condoms.

The ONE, 576 Sensations Student condoms come at you with an unexpected twist – there are exactly 576 individual studs on each condom which can virtually touch any pleasure point of any area – it must be private though. Obviously, these studs are smaller so the latex is thinner, which makes the condoms quite thin as well.

Basically, these condoms just scream the word pleasure throughout all of the 576 studs on them. That is an impressive number of studs!

They are just a little bit more expensive than your regular condom, but there are 576 reasons for you to buy and try these studded condoms.

7. Okamoto Beyond Seven Studded Lubricated Ultra-Thin Sheerlon Latex Condoms for Enhanced Pleasure

As the name suggests, these Okamoto condoms are just as the normal Studded condoms they provide, but these ones add “ultra-thin” to their feature list.

They use the blue tinted Sheerlon Latex, which guarantees the thinness of these condoms. The studs are not that impressive, but they manage to do their job just right – add to that the thinness of this condom and you will both feel great.

Keep in mind that they are only light lubricated so you will have to get your hands on some extra lube – for guaranteed pleasure and increased stimulation.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to studded condoms, just as with ribbed condoms, it gets down to your personal preference. But no matter which one you choose, you should get extra lubricant as these textured condoms don’t usually come with large amounts of lube. And this can sometimes be painful to your pleasure, as well as to hers.

Well, we hope our guide helped you in making a decision over which is the best studded condom out there.

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