Neosize XL Reviews: Evaluation,Benefits,Results and Side Effect

Neosize XL Reviews
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical Studies
  • Doctor Recommendations
  • User Reviews
  • Risk of Side Effects


NeoSize XL help you get a bigger erection and have better sex. It’s a natural supplement that contains ingredients that improve blood flow and address issues in your body that are creating the symptoms of ED and soft or small erections in the first place. Overall, it works for some men and doesn’t work for others. Likely, if you give it 30 to 60 days, it should work. That may be too long for some people, and so we are giving NeoSize XL an Okay rating and suggest that you try it before investing a lot of money.

Many men of all ages and nationalities wish they had a larger penis. If that includes you, just know it’s common and that you’re not alone. Not only is the size of a man’s penis seen as something of a status-indicator, but there is some evidence to support that women truly do like bigger penises better than small ones.

What is NeoSize XL?

As the name implies, NeoSize XL is penis enlargement/enhancement supplement. It’s being marketed heavily as a natural alternative to “dangerous surgeries and techniques in Penis Enlargement.” It is a daily supplement, meaning that you take it every day with meals or food as a way to improve your nutrition.

The thing is, it’s important to know that supplements, including NeoSize XL, can’t actually grow your penis. What they can do, though, is help your erection to get stronger, firmer, and fuller, resulting in a larger penis when it’s erect.

NeoSize XL, like many other supplements in the same category, contains ingredients that can result in a better erection, which will lead to better sex and increased confidence if you struggle in that area. It is manufactured in the US by a company called VitaPharma. You take 1 capsule, twice per day shortly after eating. The pills come 60 to a bottle – so, a 30 day supply – and according to the manufacturer, it ships worldwide.

Benefits and Claims

What benefits are there to taking NeoSize XL? Well, per the official website (, it will increase the size of your penis and help you perform better sexually. With that, of course, comes increased confidence, a good mood, and probably a better attitude toward sex. If you have a partner, spouse, or girlfriend, it’ll likely lead to a better relationship overall, too.

Of course, those things are only true if the product does what it says it can do. Some of the stated benefits include:

  • “Penis length increase by up to 1-3 inches in 6 months”
  • “Get a 10-20% thicker penis”
  • “Unmatched Powerful Orgasms”
  • “Longer lasting erections”
  • “Increase staying power, erections and mind blowing orgasms”

What we know is that no pill is perfect, but some get close. Those are a lot of claims, but they are not unrealistic for a penis enhancement pill. Six months is a long time, and if the company is saying that the product will work within 6 months, it gives the product a lot of room to prove itself.

NeoSize XL also claims to be clinically tested and doctor approved – more on that later in this review. Ultimately, it presents some really powerful statements that at first glance, seem like the perfect combination of results and guarantees. Who would not want an amazing sex life that’s hinged on the size of their penis?

Complete NeoSize XL Review and Evaluation

No one should just take a company’s claims about a product strictly at their word. Marketing is intended to sell products, and it’s not uncommon for companies to stretch the truth. So we did a complete, all-in-one review of NeoSize XL to see if the product really stands up to its claims. Does it work? Is it really doctor approved? What did the clinical studies show? We looked into all of that plus a few other things to figure out if NeoSize XL is the awesome, all-natural penis enhancement pill that it claims to be.

What we looked at:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Variety
  • Clinical studies
  • Doctor recommendations
  • User reviews
  • Risks of side effects

Our results:

We’ve rated NeoSize XL based on the above criteria, from 0 (Very Poor) to 5 (Excellent).

3 (Okay) – The reality is that NeoSize XL is not widely available. The primary place you can buy it is online at the main website. But even the main website can be difficult to spot because there are so many affiliate sites out there that look like they’re the main site. Some even claim things beyond what the company does. Watch out for that. We give it an Okay rating for Availability.
3 (Okay) – A 30 day supply will cost you around $55, plus shipping. That price is higher than many, but not the highest we’ve seen. If you buy two bottles, you’ll save almost $10 a piece, and the savings climb higher as you buy more product. However, it’s not a great idea to buy a lot of a product you’ve never used before, so we’re using the $55/bottle price to determine this rating. We give Price an Okay rating.
N/A – There is only one variety, dosage, and packaging option for NeoSize XL, so this criteria is not applicable. That’s too bad, because men have all kinds of different needs. It would be good to see multiple strengths (extra strength, mild) to accommodate the different body types and sensitivities out there.
Clinical Studies
2 (Lacking) – So, we looked for the clinical studies that the company says NeoSize XL is supported by, and we couldn’t find any. While it’s not uncommon for male enhancement products to lack clinical trials, it IS uncommon for the companies to lie about them. The company may be telling the truth, but there isn’t any evidence of any clinical testing for it anywhere. So we give the clinical studies criteria a Lacking rating.
Doctor Recommendations
3 (Okay) – According to the manufacturer and per the product’s website, NeoSize XL is recommended by at least one doctor – Dr. Marco Basti, M.D. They’ve posted a full length recommendation from this doctor on the home page. Further down on the page, the company reasserts that it is doctor recommended all of the world. We can’t prove it ,but we can’t disprove it, either. So we give it  an Okay rating for doctor recommendations.
User Reviews
1 (Poor) – Unfortunately, while NeoSize XL reviews are mixed and overall very lacking, the ones that are there signal that the product just doesn’t work. Almost half of the reviews are really disapproving, and recommend users to not buy it. So we have to give it a Poor rating in the User Reviews category.
Risk of Side Effects
3 (Okay) – NeoSize XL has a lot of ingredients that are not commonly found in penis enlargement supplements. It doesn’t have some of the ones that are common culprits and create terrible side effects, but some of the ingredients do cause side effects. We are giving it an Okay rating for risk of side effects.
Overall Rating
3 (Okay) – Overall, we can’t say that NeoSize XL is great, and we can’t say it’s not great. It’s just okay, based on all of the factors. It comes with a money back guarantee, so it’s probably best to take them up on it. If it doesn’t work, you have 90 days to request a refund.

Pros and Cons

Here are our NeoSize XL pros and cons, based on user reviews and manufacturer’s description of the product.


  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Discreet shipping and billing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Daily supplement that boosts overall health and wellness
  • May not work/takes too long to work

Cons/Potential Issues

  • Mixed reviews, half are negative
  • Uncommon ingredients
  • Moderately high price
  • Lack of clinical studies

NeoSize XL does it work? Results and effects

Though the company suggests that it could take 6 months to see results, that would be way too long, and longer than most other supplements. To consider a product worthy of your time and investment, we suggest giving it up to 60 days, maximum. Anything longer than that isn’t worth it since there are products on the market that will produce results within 60 days. At the same time, most of the clinical studies around ingredients in male enhancement products are based on long-term trials.

On, the ratings and reviews from customers who tried NeoSize XL are not encouraging. 48% of the reviews are 1 and 2 star ratings – that’s almost half. The biggest complaint is that it doesn’t work (makes no difference). That’s not the review we like to see; we’d prefer if the poor ratings were around side effects, since that would at least indicate that it works as designed.

If almost half of the people taking NeoSize XL say it doesn’t work for them, it’s basically a 1 in 2 chance that it will work for you. It’s probably the use of so many ingredients that are just very uncommon for male enhancement pills that make it such a gamble

But there are some reviews online that suggest NeoSize XL works for them.  Customers said:

  • “Noticed an increase in length and girth in the first two months”
  • “Erections became ‘much harder and longer lasting’”

Both of those statements are believable and likely, based on taking a natural supplement designed to improve your health.

What makes NeoSize XL work?

NeoSize XL works by repairing and improving the circulatory system. In reality, an erection is strong and firm only when there is an equally strong current of blood flow to the penis and corpus cavernosa. You can’t get a good erection without great blood flow, so it works on that. There really is no other way to improve an erection.

The product also contains natural aphrodisiacs that increase your sexual desire – or really, your response to stimulation. These products can’t turn you on. Instead, what they can do is make it so that your body is ready to respond when you are in fact turned on. Heightening and increasing your sensitivity is going to make orgasms stronger and more intense.

NeoSize XL Ingredients:

  • L-Arginine– L-Arginine is very common in male enhancement pills. It is known to help release Nitric Oxide, which increases and improves blood flow and smooths/relaxes the muscles in the corpus cavernosa.
  • Tribulus Terrestris– Tribulus Terrestris is known for increasing lean muscle mass in the body, and also for contributing to virility in males (sex drive). It is almost always included in penis enlargement products and should have little to no side effect.
  • Mucuna Pruriens– Also known as Velvet Bean, Mucuna Pruriens is a natural aphrodisiac and antidepressant that is very commonly used in penis growth supplements.
  • Asperagus Adscendens– This ingredient is included in NeoSize XL for its ability to increase libido and act as an aphrodisiac.
  • Withania Somnifera– Also known as Ashwagandha. This is one of the most common ingredients contained in sexual performance supplements. Ashwagandha has been clinically shown (based on National Institute of Health testing) to help men with erectile dysfunction maintain an erection.
  • Myristica Fragrans– Myristica Fragrans is the scientific name for nutmeg, and it is a spice. It hasn’t been tested on humans, but in male rats, nutmeg was shown to increase sexual activity. The assumption is that it is a libido enhancer.
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra– Glycyrrhiza Glabra is licorice. Licorice is associated with sex drive and performance enhancement.
  • Sida Cordifolia– Sida Cordifolia is an herb that can increase blood flow, supply energy, and perhaps dilate blood vessels. There are many contraindications for Sida Cordifolia, however, so it should be used with caution.
  • Bacopa Monnieri– Bacopa Monnieri is an herb linked with anti-anxiety, and is uncommon in male enhancement pills. It can probably help with anxiety-specific erectile dysfunction, but it should be noted that Bacopa Monnieri is also linked with pretty annoying side effects like cramping and nausea.
  • Albizzia Lebbeck – This is another herb that is really uncommon for supplements like these. The NeoSize XL website says it’s included because it’s an aphrodisiac and anti-anxiety herb, but mostly this herb is associated with treating wounds and the blood.
  • Anacyclus pyrethrum– Anacyclus pyrethrum is an herb that is long associated with virility and libido, though not commonly used in a male enhancement supplement. It is also used for bodybuilding, and there are side effects associated with it.

Is NeoSize XL safe to use?

NeoSize XL may be safe to use, depending on your current medical condition and your medical history. One of the ingredients, Sida Cordifolia, has contraindications for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, and other issues. Generally, male enhancement pills are safe to consume but you should definitely consult your doctor if you have concerns.

Side effects and contraindications

NeoSize XL is likely not without side effects, just based on the ingredients in it. The thing with natural supplements is that the herbs contained in them usually do create some sort of unpleasant side effect. While NeoSize XL doesn’t contain Yohimbe, which is a huge culprit, it contains some other ingredients, like Bacopa Monnieri, Sida Cordifolia, and Anacyclus Pyrethrum, which all do cause side effects. The side effects range from headaches, to nausea, vomiting and cramping, to blurred vision.

As always, all male enhancement pills are contraindicated for women and for males under the age of 18.

Where to Buy

This product isn’t widely available, and we also want to point out that there are many sites that appear to be official sites, and are not. The only places that you can buy NeoSize XL currently are Amazon,, and Any other site, including ones that have NeoSize in the URL, are not official sites and you’ll be directed to to buy.