Best Penis Growth Pills: Top 3 Review

Pros and cons of using penis growth pills

There is a wide variety of penis growth pills available to men today. Pills that increase the size of your erect penis come in many different types with varying degrees of effectiveness. Throughout the years, men have become more interested in natural ways to lengthen, strengthen, and firm their erections without painful surgeries or contraptions.

Penis growth pills can be useful alternatives to permanent solutions, and are typically all-natural. But you should absolutely know what you are taking and how it affects your body!

On the positive side, penis growth pills don’t require invasive surgeries or the consent of a doctor. Because you can easily buy penis growth pills over the counter or online, you don’t have to have potentially embarrassing conversations or evaluations with a doctor. For the average man who would just like a bigger erection during sex to satisfy his partner or feel better about himself, penis growth pills are often times the best solution. While no pill can actually grow your penis or make it bigger in general, many pills are effective at increasing the size of your erection by a few inches.

There are some downsides to taking the pills, though. For one thing, pills are temporary solutions, not permanent. Some men may see that as a negative, because the pills always need to be reordered, which can be time consuming and inconvenient. Also, pills don’t have the ability to remove physical blockages or other issues that may be keeping your penis smaller than desired.

Because of this, they should be used after careful consideration, and only after you know the root cause of your issue. If the reality is that you have a smaller than desired penis, but are otherwise completely healthy, there are not that many downsides to using a penis growth pill. The only other downside is the possibility of side effects from the pills.

How penis growth pills help men

Often times, the benefits of using penis growth pills outweigh the potential negatives. For instance, consider that there are many all-natural supplements available to you that lead to bigger erections, both in length and girth. That means that you can avoid putting synthetic ingredients or chemicals in your body, while still getting the benefit of a larger, stronger penis. High-quality penis growth pills can improve your overall quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Penis growth pills help men by

  • Improving self-confidence
  • Elevating moods and boosting self-esteem
  • Significantly increasing circulation throughout the body
  • Strengthening the muscles and tissues in the penis
  • Increasing the volume of semen
  • Making ejaculations more powerful and satisfying

Having a stronger, bigger erection is going to improve your sex life. There is very little doubt about that. The more sensitive your erection is, the more you are going to enjoy penetration, and you’ll likely have a bigger, better orgasm because of it. Many men have naturally small penises, so it is completely natural and common to turn to penis growth supplements as a way to enhance and increase the size of your penis.

A bigger penis may be more satisfying to your partner, too. While it’s not completely a given, it’s likely, and there are some studies that show than women desire men with large penises. Even a small increase in the size of your erect penis can make a big difference in the bedroom. If anything, you’ll feel a lot more confident and have increased sexual prowess. If you feel better about the size of your erection, you will enjoy sex much more than if you are self-conscious about your penis.

How to choose the best penis growth pills

There are hundreds of pills on the market as well as individual supplements, herbs, vitamins, and other substances that are known for increasing the size of erections. At their most basic level, any effective penis growth pill is going to send a rush of blood to the penis, causing a bigger erection. A good penis growth pill will also effectively relax the muscles and tissues lining the walls of the penis and the corpus cavernosa.

Here are the things all best penis growth pills must do in order to be effective:

Improves blood flow. The truth is that erections cannot and will not happen without sufficient blood flow to the penis and the corpus cavernosa. That means that any penis growth pill that works has to help the body increase blood flow. Certain ingredients will have to be present in order for a pill like this to be effective. The upside is that there are many substances naturally occurring in food or herbs that can open up the arteries, oxidize the bloodstream, clear up bad cholesterol, and repair blood vessels.

Increases muscle mass. While the penis contains mostly blood and tissue, muscle mass is actually critical to a strong, long erect penis. Muscles carry oxygen, which is so important for energy. Energy provides stamina that is necessary for keeping an erection long enough to enjoy a great round of sex. Good penis growth pills address muscle mass issues right alongside blood flow. Some experts believe that you can actually exercise your way to a longer penis, and usually this involves muscle mass growth. Therefore, penis growth pills that include ingredients that build muscle mass.

Muscle mass tends to decrease in men as they age. A decrease in muscle mass will definitely impact your erection, so it’s important to take supplements – like penis growth pills – to keep muscle mass at peak levels. The other benefit of an effective pill that increases muscle mass is that the positive side effects can be seen long after you’ve stopped taking the pill.

Boosts sensitivity and arousal. Aside from blood flow – which is the number one key to getting a stronger, longer, and bigger erection – any penis growth pill that is worth recommending is going to boost your sensitivity to touch, and help you get aroused faster and more intensely. The more you get aroused, and the more sensitive you are to sexual touch and fondling, the greater your erection is going to be. To experience a strong erection, your body and mind must be very turned on. One common side effect of erectile dysfunction is loss of interest in sex, or loss of libido. A decent penis growth pill will also address these things so that you can get very aroused, and therefore have a throbbing, rock hard erection that is bigger and longer than without the pill.

The Best 3 Penis Growth Pills

One of the very best ways to consider all of the penis enlargement pills on the market, and then determine which are the best, is to look at how well they do their job plus what other health benefits they add. If a pill doesn’t do what it says it will do, there’s no point even considering it.

Many of the pills available to you do work – they will really help you get a bigger erection. But what about side effects? If they make you get a rock hard erection, but you’re too sick to enjoy it, what’s the point of that? Or, what other ways does the pill help you? If a pill gives you a bigger and better erection but also helps you out in the gym, that pill would be above the rest, right?

So without further delay, here are the best 3 penis growth pills based on the important factors.

1.Brand: ExtenZe >>Enzyte Review

In terms of popularity, ExtenZe is about as popular as it gets when it comes to male enhancement (which includes penis enlargement) pills. The product is highly rated and approved by men who’ve taken it. Clearly, ExtenZe does work and you will experience an improvement in the size of your erection after taking it. This is a fast-acting pill with natural ingredients, and you do not need to take it every day.

ExtenZe does more than just enhance the size of your erect penis. It also contributes to overall sexual health, and increases your libido and sexual response.

Some of the upsides to ExtenZe, in addition to the positive reviews, is that it’s very cheap compared to other pills in this same category. You also don’t have to buy much – you can buy a 5 day supply. Because it’s sold in 5 day packages, you can try it out and not waste money if you don’t like it.

Key Ingredients: The major downside to ExtenZe is its active ingredient, yohimbe. Yohimbe may in fact be the reason that it works so well, but yohimbe has been known to give men who take it severe upset stomach, headaches, and nausea.

There are some who believe that yohimbe negates the purpose of taking the pills. If your reaction to yohimbe is too strong, you may not be able to enjoy having a larger erection anyway.

Cost: $45+/bottle

Where to Buy:
ExtenZe Official Site

2.Brand: VigRx Plus >>VigRx Plus Review

VigRx is considered one of the best penis enlargement pills on the market today. Some experts suggest that it doesn’t get any better than VigRx.

VigRx has been said to increase the size of an erect penis by 3 to 4 inches. It is also one of few penis growth pills available today that has a controlled clinical study linked to it, proving some of the results. The study concluded that VigRx provides many sexual health benefits but it should be noted that length or girth increase wasn’t a specifically measured result.

Many men do specifically claim that VigRx increases the size of their penis – either girth (width around the shaft) or length. Given that that is the number one reason men would take this pill, that is a good sign.

Key ingredients: VigRx, along with ExtenZe, includes black pepper extract. More specifically, VigRx contains a patented derivative of it. Black pepper extract is used in the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. It has been said to make the penis firmer and more rigid – likely through the rush of blood to the penis that the black pepper extract causes. Keep in mind that in order for an erection to happen, blood flow must be strong. Black pepper facilitates that and ensures a firmer erection.

Cost: $75-$100

Where to Buy:

3.Brand: NeoSize XL >>NeoSize XL Review

NeoSize XL doesn’t pull any punches with its claims to increase the size of your penis. It’s implied in the name, the marketing, and the benefits published by the manufacturer. It definitely has mixed reviews, but the reason it’s one of the best out there is that if it does end up working well for you, the benefits of taking it go beyond just having a bigger erection.

NeoSize XL is different from many other enlargement pills because it takes a long time to work. You have to take it for at least 60 days before you can experience the results. At the same time, that may be a good thing, because the results will be longer lasting.

With fast-acting pills, the side effects are immediate and strong, and once they wear off, so does the size of your erection. But with NeoSize XL, your body will begin to operate in a healthy way and you’ll experience bigger erections naturally.

Key Ingredients: The two key ingredients in NeoSize XL are L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris. These are more commonly found in general sexual performance pills than they are in penis growth pills. But the combination of the two is a healthier circulatory system and a higher libido.

Cost: $55/bottle

Where to Buy:

Risks and side effects of penis growth pills

Some experts suggest that there are inherent dangers to taking penis enlargement pills, but other experts say that it all depends on the actual pills that you end up taking. The biggest concern that people have is that natural, homeopathic remedies aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. But here’s the thing: no supplements are.

The FDA doesn’t regulate vitamins, minerals, or any such thing on the market. It doesn’t even regulate protein powders. If you feel comfortable making a protein shake or taking a Centrum, then there is no reason for any concern over taking penis growth pills.

Side effects are a different story. You may experience side effects, and truth be told, you should. If a penis growth pill is working in your body, you should notice changes. However, if the side effects are negative and interrupt your life, such as upset stomach, nausea, headaches, or vomiting, you may actually be allergic to the pills. If you’re allergic, you really should not take them. Sometimes, it is the combination of ingredients that is causing the reaction. In that case, you can try finding one or two of the primary ingredients and taking them alone to see if they are the culprits. Overall, though, side effects of penis growth pills are generally minimal and subtle.


Again, there is a lot of speculation about whether or not penis growth pills actually work. The good news is that they do. While you’re not going to gain 3 inches overnight, or actually see the size of your penis grow, you will get a bigger erection while taking the pills than you will without them. A bigger erection means better, more fun sex and the ability to really satisfy your partner. Some pills are better than others, though. Some will give you a great erection but have difficult to manage side effects. Others work really well, but take a long time to kick in. You just have to choose what matters most to you and find the best pill based on that.