Best Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Pills: Top 3 Review

Pros and cons of using erectile dysfunction pills

Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition that is surprisingly easy to treat. If you have had ED for any length of time, you know how challenging it is to find all-natural supplements that specifically address erectile dysfunction. One of the reasons is that there are a number of pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra and Cialis that treat ED. But if you want something natural, you have to dig a little deeper.

There are definitely pros and cons to taking natural ED pills instead of doing something else, like changing your diet or addressing some of the underlying causes. One major benefit of an erectile dysfunction pill is that they’re usually fast-acting, which means that you can be ready for sex at any time as long as you have the pills on hand. You don’t have to take them for months before you begin to see improvement. This means that you can be working on a healthier lifestyle, such as losing weight or getting a healthier heart, while using the pills for great sex when you want it.

If there are any major downsides, it’s really just that most ED pills provide only temporary results. Instead of a long-term solution, erectile dysfunction pills – by and large – are there for you when you need and want great sex, but don’t do anything that actually helps you improve your sex life long term. That said, it really depends on your specific issues, since the root causes and symptoms of ED are pretty varied among men. There are some natural erectile dysfunction pills on the market that are long-term, daily supplements. Still, those only work while you are taking them. They don’t necessarily do anything to actually fix the underlying causes.

How ED pills help men

Most erectile dysfunction pills specifically address issues of impotence and men who have difficulties getting or maintaining an erection. Most times, erectile dysfunction shows up in your life as an inability to get a hard erection when you want one – or any erection at all. The inability to get or keep an erection is the most common symptom of impotence. Clearly, this can create anxiety, embarrassment, and a lot of tension in relationships. If you get turned on, but can’t get an erection, that’s where an effective ED pill can help.

ED pills can help men who have healthy relationships and are in good physical shape to overcome the difficult issues around erections. A good ED pill can help you finally get a strong erection, even if it’s been years since you’ve had one. That is what erectile dysfunction pills do.

An erectile dysfunction pill works by causing an increase of blood flow throughout the body, and relaxing the lining of the penis and corpus cavernosum so that a strong erection is possible. Without blood flow, it is actually impossible to get an erection.

Some sophisticated ED pills can address issues in the cardiovascular system that might blocking blood flow. High levels of bad cholesterol can lead to hardening of the arteries and a weak supply of blood to the penis. If that occurs, it’s not uncommon to experience ED. Some pills have ingredients that fight bad cholesterol or the limiting effects of it.

Many good ED pills have ingredients that work by releasing nitric oxide into the bloodstream. Nitric oxide dilates the arteries, sending more blood throughout the body. It is very commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction or maintain a healthy sexual life. Both natural supplements as well as pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra cause the release of nitric oxide, which is the primary benefit of taking these pills.

How to choose the best ED pills

First, keep in mind that erectile dysfunction is an actual medical condition that’s diagnosed by a medical professional. Don’t self-diagnose ED. If you suspect you have symptoms of it, but it’s not chronic or it feels mild, it might make sense to try an all-natural supplement to see if it helps and then maybe you can isolate the issue.

But ED can be caused by a variety of issues, from heart disease to mental illness. It’s so important to know why you’re experiencing the issues that you are, and not just assume they are due to age or other personal factors. Men can have healthy sex lives long into old age, so age alone is not a primary cause of ED. If, for example, you have heart disease and that is what is causing your erectile dysfunction, you should probably get that checked out before jumping in and taking an unfamiliar pill.

Ingredients in natural supplements

Assuming you want all-natural, non-pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction pills, there are some very good ones on the market. First, look for ingredients that are commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, like L-arginine, panax ginseng, or DHEA. These won’t be the only ingredients in a natural supplement, but they should be listed first or singled out as a primary ingredient.

Fast-acting vs daily supplements

Consider whether or not the pills are fast-acting or long-term daily supplements. Truthfully, really good, high-quality erectile dysfunction pills are fast-acting, just like Viagra. They’re meant to address a specific issue – weak or brief erections – and help you enjoy better sex right then. That is how most erectile dysfunction pills work. Some male enhancement pills are for daily use, but they are not necessarily for the treatment of impotence. Depending on your specific scenario, it might be beneficial for you to choose a daily supplement, but most men with ED choose fast-acting pills that help them become ready for sex at any time.

Carefully consider side effects

The main difference in daily supplements and fast-acting ones are the potency along with a difference in ingredients. If you choose a fast-acting natural supplement, there will be a likelihood of side effects of some kind. That’s because the ingredients that create such a strong erection so quickly tend to upset the stomach or create headaches that don’t go away easily. Any time you encounter a very strong rush of blood in the body, the potential for headaches is there. As for stomach-related issues, they’re usually due to the large amount of certain ingredients that mess with your stomach until they’ve had a chance to pass through your system.

The 3 Best Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Even though there’s a lot to consider, finding a natural, effective erectile dysfunction pill that’s right for you doesn’t have to be hard. Below are three pills that have passed a number of tests and come out on top. The bottom line, and most important thing, is that you have to know what’s causing your ED before you can really address it. These three selections attempt to address a wide range of possible causes, but can’t possibly treat them all. Your issue might be very specific – such as a physical blockage – that a general, well-rounded pill can’t really fix. Better than get your hopes up, worse, spend a lot of money on pills that cannot work for you, do your research and definitely talk to a doctor.

Given all of the considerations, here are the three very best ED pills available today.

1.Brand: VigRx Plus >>VigRx Plus Review

VigRX, a fast-acting natural ED pill, is considered one of the best all-around supplements for erectile dysfunction. It is very high-quality with little to no side effects. In addition to being a good pill for impotence, it’s considered excellent for getting a bigger, better erection, too.

There are a few reasons VigRX comes out on top. One reason is that it is extremely popular, has been around for some time, and therefore is well-vetted. Many men have taken VigRX and loved the results. If you’ve struggled with impotence in the past and haven’t been able to get a solid erection in some time, VigRX can help you achieve that rock hard erection you’ve been needing to get your sex life on track.

VigRX may be the right pill for you if your ED is caused by (or is the root cause of) severe stress or anxiety. The product is known for treating stress and anxiety and improving damage to the central nervous system. This is beneficial if you’re usually calm, but your anxiety level increases once you start having sex.

Key ingredients: A key ingredient in VigRX is black pepper extract, which dilates the blood vessels and stimulates more blood flow to the penix and corpus cavernosum. Ginkgo biloba also improves blood flow and is commonly linked with a larger erection. Damiana leaf stimulates sexual response and has been clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction.

Cost: $75-$100

Where to Buy:


2.Brand: Forta >>Forta Review

Forta gets right to the point – better erections in a short period of time. With Forta, you can get right down to business even if you have suffered from the symptoms of ED for some time now.

Forta is a fast-acting natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that can enhance your sex life. It has just a handful of ingredients, as opposed to other, similar pills. And it’s well-known for being effective and powerful.

Unfortunately, Forta’s manufacturer ran into some trouble early on when it was discovered that Forta had tadalafil in it, which is the active ingredient in Cialis. Forta recalled the product and no longer contains tadalafil based on our knowledge. Still, it is likely that one of the reasons Forta worked so well in past was due to including a pharmaceutical ingredient.

Key ingredients: The current list of ingredients for Forta includes Horny Goat Weed, which is probably one of the most well-known and commonly used herbs to treat erectile dysfunction. In large doses, horny goat weed can trigger a sexual response and dramatically increase your libido levels. Cordyceps is another key ingredient in Forta. It is a type of fungus that is directly linked to the treatment of impotence.

Cost: $50+

Where to Buy:

3.Brand: Niagra

Niagra, like the name suggests, is another natural Viagra alternative that works very well to treat symptoms of impotence. It is considered by some to be nearly 100% effective in the treatment of ED.

Like other strong, high-quality ED pills, you take Niagra an hour before sex. Niagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis to create a strong erection while also stimulating your sexual response, and increasing your sex drive.

Niagra includes some ingredients that are specifically used to help you experience very powerful orgasms, and that is what makes Niagra stand out from the other two choices for best erectile dysfunction pills.

Key ingredients: Two of the primary ingredients in Niagra are Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa and L-arginine. L-arginine is almost always used in the treatment of ED and general male enhancement pills, but Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is more specific and targeted. This ingredient inhibits PDE-5, which is linked to difficulty achieving an orgasm. Like Viagra, Niagra’s PDE-5 inhibitor (Xanthoparmelia scabrosa) leads to better, stronger, and more intense orgasms.

Cost: $70+

Where to Buy:

Risks and side effects of erectile dysfunction pills

If you have chronic erectile dysfunction symptoms, there’s definitely a possibility that you may have a heart condition or issue with the circulatory system that is causing them. If that’s the case, then you could potentially be at risk for issues taking even natural supplements. Talk to your doctor first.

Though there are typically risk effects linked with fast-acting ED pills, the three above should have little to no side effects. Provided you are healthy and take the pills exactly as directed, the only noticeable side effect you should get is a strong, long lasting erection. Still, there is always the potential risk of allergic reaction. Be sure to do a little research and avoid ingredients that you know you’re allergic to.


If you’re ready to regain complete control over your sex life, and to experience strong erections and powerful orgasms, natural erectile dysfunction pills are available for just that. You don’t have to live with the disappointing symptoms because you have good, effective, and affordable solutions. The three best erectile dysfunction pills listed here will sufficiently address your symptoms as well as leave you and your partner feeling satisfied. That said, be sure to take into consideration your specific causes and talk to your doctor if you’re not sure a natural supplement is right for you.